Still seaming and hooking…

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So while that long project gets a little longer, I’m taking a breather and working on a new pride necklace. Can you guess which one it is?


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There are more final stages of the long knitted clothing project to come. In the meantime, here are some previews of my next cosplay:



I haven’t worn flannel since 1998 (and I have never been to bible camp).


This project also required the purchase of a hip flask — something I can absolutely use outside of cosplay. Not sure what I’m going to fill this with or the con, but I’m leaning toward cherry limeade.

Making up…

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The knitting portion is done and I’ve been busy sewing everything up. Mattress stitch on knitwear has never quite worked for me, so I’m trying a combination of whip stitch and back stitch. We’ll see how it goes.


The peacock accent ended up blending really well with the cappuccino, even as the piece took on a more clothing-like shape.


It’s a bit small for me, sadly, but I’ve already found the piece a new home with a friend of mine.

Stay tuned for the finish!

It’s a momentous day…

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Binding off…


…and my first crochet hook. Since the pattern for the clothing project calls for it, I’m finally going to give hooking a shot.

Back to the cappuccino…

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The peacock accent is officially finished! Time to return to the cappuccino yarn and, soon, the end of the knitting portion of the design.

After a week of knitting, this thing is almost as tall as me.

Knitting friends

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In St. Louis for two days and one of my kitty nephews decided to help with my knitting project. It figures — this is the one named after the lead character in Doctor Who.

Over the rainbow…

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And it looks like the peacock accent is absolutely going to work! I’m so pleased. A little patience does produce some rewarding results.


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