The messy business of a cardigan

•October 30, 2014 • Leave a Comment

“Knit your own cardigan,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said…

For the most part, it has been! I’m delighted with the cappuccino yarn. I’m delighted with the the fact that I can now knit 120 stitches at a time for multiple rows without dropping them or accidentally increasing or decreasing (we’ve come a long way from 2011, baby). I’m less delighted and more than a little nervous about knitting sleeve holes and the prospect of attempting to seam them once all three pieces are complete.

Also, who knew there were so many loose tails of yarn prior to putting everything together? For me, it’s a bit like getting a peak behind the curtain at a butcher shop. “What’s in your chicken nuggets” vs. “What goes into those nice, cozy near-jackets that manage to legitimize my nerdy t-shirts at work.”

Favorite Halloween Videos: “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”

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Charlie Brown was a favorite at our house, no matter the holiday, but — being the Halloween special — Great Pumpkin held a special dominion over all of the others.

And, really, who can resist Snoopy’s LARPing as a WWI pilot?

Favorite Halloween Videos: “Little Miss Queen of Darkness,” The Kinks

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Four days until the end of October and I’m pushing to finish three different knitting and embroidery projects at once. The pacing of this is not as gentle as it might seem to outside observers.

This song always struck me as being slightly spooky rather than upbeat and bouncy — which makes it an appropriate opener for the long stretch until All Hallows Eve.

Favorite Halloween Videos: “The Addams Family Theme,” Vic Mizzy

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My love for The Addams Family pre-dates the 1990 film adaptation, but I couldn’t tell you by how many years. The re-runs were ubiquitous on Channel 11, along with The Monkees and Adam West’s Batman. I’m pretty sure I learned how to snap my fingers just so I could sing along with the theme song.

My brain needs a break…

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The baby stuff is finally finished and my current embroidery/cross stitch project is stressing me out. Fortunately I noticed that I still had two skeins of the “Cappucino” yarn and we are off onto the next long clothing project.

Repetition is problematic for some people’s brain chemistry. For me, it’s one of the few things that eases it.

Favorite Halloween Videos: “Love Me Dead,” Ludo

•October 20, 2014 • Leave a Comment

I spent almost an hour listening to this song on a loop when I abruptly realized that I was knitting baby stuff (like, really cute baby stuff that has almost nothing to do with death and gore). Well, we all have two sides, I suppose.

Favorite Halloween Videos: “A Little Drop of Poison,” Tom Waits

•October 16, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Years ago, I used to have a late-night radio show that ran from 2am to 4am. This man was one of the most requested artists.

Nothing better this time of year (or any time of year) than Tom Waits. Nothing.


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