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Travel fatigue set in in a bad way this past weekend. I ended up leaving work to hop a bus to St. Louis — remembered my yarn, but forgot my crochet hook on the desk in my cubicle! Remembering a story someone had told me at GenCon, I was able to improvise a small one with a re-purposed paper clip.

My chain stitch was so neat using this method. I might just keep it.

Still learning the finer points of how to crochet…

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Learning how to craft something new is always easier with a good friend by your side! As it is, my first effort at a “crochet project” was a miniature scarf for the otter puppet I bought at GenCon (his name is Perryworth and he would like you to respect his sartorial magnificence). (Read more…)

“Fascinator” Flower Crown

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I tend to base myself out of the open crafting room when I’m at GenCon — more space and time to gather materials, start a few projects, finish a few others. Convention time for me also means time for new, increasingly macabre flower crowns (a centuries-old Day of the Dead tradition, recently appropriated as a Tumblr meme and summarily stolen by the Hannibal fandom). (Read more…)

“We Will Rock You” Pendant Grouping

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Another fun project from the GenCon open crafting room! Both the boom box and the Star of Lakshmi (8-pointed star formed from two squares) were in a box of loose charms and earrings in the jewelry craft area of the room. The pewter knight came from the Sylvan Creations booth in the exhibition hall. The 18″ cord with split rings and lobster claw clasp actually came from HEX, an occult bookstore on Decatur in New Orleans (sometimes my subconscious knows a project is coming before I do).

What I liked about pairing at least two of these charms was the image it gave me of a medieval knight dancing along to modern rock music. Though I’m naming this after a similar scene in A Knight’s Tale, this was the actual scene (and song) that came to mind when I was putting it together.

A beautiful heart, faithful and strong…

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GenCon was tons of fun as usual! I ended up participating in a couple of workshops this year, including ClaireKnits’ “Knit a My Little Pony Purse” class. Each participant was allowed to pick from one of three character patterns to create their purse — I chose Rarity, the crafty pony. (Read more…)

“Whatever Happened to Baby Jayne” Knit Hat

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My friend Au’na originally commissioned a Jayne Cobb hat for her little boy before he was born. I ended unwrapping it up just in time for GenCon

(Read more…)

Baby’s first chain…

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The beginner’s crochet is off to a good start! Thank you, Gen Con open crafting.


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