Have I ever mentioned that doll making is fiddly work?

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Well, it is. Particularly when your end project is only 7″ high and hand sewn with button-hinge joints. All of those small details have to be plotted out well and completed with a steady hand — creating a stencil, tracing, cutting, trimming, sewing, stuffing, making up. You can’t rush the work. You can’t do it, unthinking, on a bus or an express train like you can with knitting or crochet. The pieces are small and easily misplaced.

It’s stressful and I was put off from doing it for a long time.

Fortunately, a commission came down the pike and anxiety forced me to take the project one step at a time, spreading each phase out over several days. It transformed it into a meditative experience with a positive end reward.

Stay tuned!

“My tears won’t fall too fast…”

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Because, sometimes, in a time of personal crisis, the only thing that helps is getting out a hammer and using it constructively.

Some anodized aluminum tags will have a base that was colored during the process of making the sheets the tags are cut from. Others are processed as silver or gold colored aluminum and then have a thin plastic coating added. The aquamarine blue blank tag I picked up from Beadology in Iowa City was one of the latter and, once I was finished stamping the caption, the plastic coating did not last. Fortunately, the silver surface underneath it was shiny and gorgeous!

The caption comes from a song made famous by Brenda Lee. I played this many times when I was DJing at three o’ clock in the morning. Brenda, Connie Francis and Barbara Lee work very well on late night shows. Particularly on a playlist with Hank Williams, Wilco and Nick Cave.

Rumors of my defenestration have been somewhat exacerbated…

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I haven’t thrown myself out a window. But, the last few weeks (and indeed, the last few months) it was a near thing.

In my exile, I’ve been working, seeing my therapist and crocheting. My first scarf (126 stitches, Size J hook, nine rows single crochet, one row double) ended up being too short for me, but was just about long enough for Zoe.

Favorite Videos: “Reach Out (I’ll Be There),” The Four Tops

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Two minutes after I completed my last post, this song came on the PA at the coffee shop.

My life is… strange. 

Favorite Videos: “Life Line,” Harry Nilsson

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Lockdown mode is a bastard (even with dolls to make and things to crochet). Asking for help is worse.


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Travel fatigue set in in a bad way this past weekend. I ended up leaving work to hop a bus to St. Louis — remembered my yarn, but forgot my crochet hook on the desk in my cubicle! Remembering a story someone had told me at GenCon, I was able to improvise a small one with a re-purposed paper clip.

My chain stitch was so neat using this method. I might just keep it.

Still learning the finer points of how to crochet…

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Learning how to craft something new is always easier with a good friend by your side! As it is, my first effort at a “crochet project” was a miniature scarf for the otter puppet I bought at GenCon (his name is Perryworth and he would like you to respect his sartorial magnificence). (Read more…)


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