Mock Honeycomb Neck Warmer

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Inspired by a gorgeous handmade quilt at 221b Con, I started looking for knitting patterns that resembled a hexagonal “honeycomb-like” grid. I found the Mock Honeycomb pattern via Barbara Breiter’s Knitting on the Net blog. (Read more…)

Nearly there…

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Poor baby just needs buttons — which, in an odd bit of calendar roulette (train, bus, room (work), another bus, another room (dinner party), sleep…) I can’t pick up from the craft store until 7-ish tonight, depending on when my medical appointment wraps up. Phooey.

If these little incremental crafting updates aren’t working for everyone, feel free to drop me a note. I get bored easily, particularly when a project is taking longer than I want it to.

Isn’t there a song called “Honeycomb?”

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The new knitting project is proceeding apace — 48 stitches with US 9 needles and medium weight yarn = 6″. Hopefully I’ll have enough left to cover the length I need to make my neck warmer.

I’m also going to attempt to knit my first buttonholes in this project. Stay tuned for ensuing hijinks.

I’m attempting Mock Honeycomb…

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Not too bad so far, but I’ve had to pull it apart and re-do it a few times. Unlike lace knit, this is kind of fun to re-do. It’s a less harrowing rhythm to try to recapture (does that sound insane, People Who Knit?).

What have I been saying?

•April 5, 2014 • 3 Comments

Jezebel: Knitting is Healthy for Your Brain

–Photo courtesy of hxcfairy

*in Eddie Izzard’s voice* Yes, erm…this is ALL TRUE, erm…

Favorite Videos: “Girl Don’t Tell Me,” The Beach Boys

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To say Brian Wilson writes about feelings well is to do a disservice to his work. In an American pop landscape devoted to high school hook-ups and scoring and a sub-genre devoted to the surf culture and southern California landscapes he grew up in with his brothers and Chris Montez, Brian was very good at creating lyrics and sounds that underscored the more complex emotions underpinning adolescent romance: euphoria, sorrow, comfort and, ultimately, disappointment.

“Girl Don’t Tell Me” is about a summer affair that felt important at the time and ends in a heartbreaking lesson about how fleeting human interaction can be. After the fallout of being forgotten when his beloved settles back into her routine at home and a second overture when the summer returns, the singer ultimately decides to walk away from the person who let him down the first time.

I remember falling in love with this song when I was 17 (the Beach Boys’ initial core demographic) and, having walked away from quite a few bad people and bad situations, it still resonates with me. It’s important to be able to say your piece and depart: “remember me? I’m the one who was relying on you and you fucked me over. Bye now.”


Ms. Moody doesn’t do Hobby Lobby

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I stepped inside a Hobby Lobby once. It was a hilarious and somewhat involuntary experience.

My university LGBTQA organization was hosting an art auction for World AIDS Day and we were looking for donations and bulk discounts on frames and framing materials anywhere we could find them. I wasn’t crafting much back then (this would have been November 2005) and I don’t know who’s idea it was to try Hobby Lobby, but, in Fayetteville, Arkansas, at that time, the big box, waxed cross behemoth was pretty much the only game in town.

To say our little group of hippie and punk rock queers showing up and asking for free stuff caused a stir would be an understatement. My friend, Mikey, did the bulk of the talking with the sales clerk in the frame section, the assistant manager, then, finally, the manager. The rest of us glittered in the background, looking gorgeous and androgynous, like any good law-abiding threat to American freedom (Bush’s Federal Marriage Amendment had recently been approved for consideration and was seven months away from crashing and burning) while scads of H.L. shoppers skirted around us, curious eyes and anemic faces.

Needless to say, we walked away frame-less (donations from small local shops eventually stepped in to fill the gap) with a slightly condescending speech from the manager about how the store already gave to “numerous Christian organizations and causes.”

There’s a complicated corporate structure to be considered here (even though corporations are people — policies regarding bulk discounts, donations, and even how to discard damaged items are often decided by people much higher than even a regional manager) and I’ve never blamed the store’s staff for saying no.

I am, however, forever baffled by people who think 1) Christians don’t (or can’t) get AIDS and 2) queer college kids can’t be Christians. As for the “people” who don’t want think their female employees to have access to birth control or Plan B medication but think making moronic bigots the face of their moronic, bigoted organization is pip and dandy, I don’t even waste my time being baffled. There’s only so many minutes in the day and I have yarn to buy.

Who’s up for a Sifu and/or Michael’s run?


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