Gothic Print Small Project Bag

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In anticipation of warmer weather that still hasn’t arrived, I’ve been streamlining my usual messenger bag and craft tote down into a single Kilim bag that can also be used as a rucksack. The majority of my craft tools are in my military surplus kit bag, but I wanted something to separate and secure my balls of yarn and small fiber crafts in-progress.

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Knitting “Wars”

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Women’s Institute at war as branch president takes aim at ‘hipster’ young groups

So, that happened. The headline here is misleading — particularly since the article attributes two sources: the (since deleted) Facebook post that started the whole discussion and the reaction from another Women’s Institute leader. For what seems like such a small, insular conflict — the statement ended up rippling out across a few media outlets in the UK, including the mostly male talking heads at Have I Got News For You (Jeremy Paxman’s condescending priggishness getting shot down by Steph McGovern is a joy to behold).

The things women like and create tend to be held up for a disproportionate amount of criticism, whether it’s knitting, baking, artwork, or fan fiction. The instinct to create and craft something from inspiration in particular has a stigma linked with age and gender: older women may be seen as old-fashioned and wasting time while younger women are seen as disingenuous and trend-chasing. And it’s a shame that other women aren’t immune to reinforcing the stigma, because we have such common ground to start with.

One of my favorite conversations I’ve ever had about crafting was with an Amish grandmother on an Amtrak train to Lafayette, Indiana. I was knitting the ear flaps for a hat for my friend’s young son. She was in her 70’s, crocheted, quilted and sewed, but had never learned to knit. We ended up talking for most of the three-hour train ride about making things, resistance to commercialism and consumerism, and the instinct to create. We were very different people from different communities and circumstances, but we were able to share and have a wonderful conversation about why we like making stuff for ourselves and for other people. I live for those kinds of exchanges and I wish that experience for everyone. It sounds quite a few of us could use it.

“Bite Me” Office Cowl

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I’ve gotten a lot of joy out of a few skeins of fingering weight wool in the past few months. Once I finished my Rosie the Riveter headband, I really wanted to tackle another small project with my “Once Bitten” wool from SMAK SuperFibers. In anticipation of warmer weather (which has yet to arrive in Chicago), I decided to try a warm weather cowl to wear around the office, if nothing else.

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Favorite Videos: “Midnight Special,” Creedence Clearwater Revival

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We’re up to March and the horror movie marathon continues. I keep searching online for a yarn called “Color Me Blood Red” but I guess I’ll stick with what I’ve got for now.

“Rosie the Riveter” Headband

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Much of my time this past few months have involved traveling out of town for funerals, attending funerals, recovering from funerals. The most recent one was for my wonderful grandfather who passed last month, a week before the original ‘Rosie the Riveter’. I made sure to take my craft supplies and some yarn with me on the six-hour train ride. Many thanks to Squirrels & Curls’ “Rosie the Riveter” headband pattern for keeping my hands busy during a very trying time.


I ended up using a 4mm crochet hook and my SMAKSuperFibers “Once Bitten” fingering weight yarn. Red and grey being two of my favorite colors, I was quite pleased with how this turned out.

By hook…

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In St Louis for a funeral — the new year is off to a rough start. To keep my hands busy, I started a new crochet project with the SMAKSuperFibers Ka-Pow! fingering wool blend I purchased last month. This color is called “Once Bitten” but the emerging striped pattern reminds me of Baby Selwyn’s onesie from Dead Alive.

Happy New Year, I’ve got a life to lead

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So, it’s been an interesting year.

My girlfriend and I spent most of New Year’s Eve afternoon in our pajamas and dressing gowns. We had a wonderful lunch – savory oatmeal and chorizo scramble. She played games while I watched Bake-Off and attempted to make Australian bacon and cheese rolls. We each drank an enormous amount of coffee as per usual.

Last year, I wanted to set 2016 on fire while it was still breathing. People surprised me in 2017 – journalists, lawyers, park rangers, climate scientists, everyone who showed up at the Women’s March and the trans marches. We didn’t lay down and take any of this and, because of everything I said in paragraph 2, we’re not going to take it in 2018. I have a good life and I feel very, very sorry for anyone who tries to take it.

So, I’m walking into 2018 like 2017. I hope you are too.

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