Favorite Videos: “The Doozer Knitting Song,” The Doozers

•March 27, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Well, it’s amazing what you find when you type “knitting songs” into a search engine.

I was just young enough that I managed to miss both the first broadcast run of Fraggle Rock and the first wave of VHS collections that incorporated clips of the post-Muppet Show Henson characters. That’s okay. It just makes finds like this clip even more special (and endearing, hilarious, etc).

Deleting mattress stitch as we speak…

•March 25, 2015 • Leave a Comment

For it being National Crochet Month, I’ve been doing a lot of knitting. But, as I wrapped up the last few steps of one knitting project, I decided to give slip-stitch crochet a shot for seaming the two sleeves.

Conclusion: I’m very impressed. I think I’ll stick with it for a while.

Random observation of a crafter suffering from black moods…

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“If I can finish knitting and seaming this cardigan by the end of my shift, I could wear it to therapy!”

“It’s just moving wool randomly from one needle to the other, isn’t it?”

•March 20, 2015 • 1 Comment

I find myself re-watching some of my favorite Britcom shows and marveling at how thoroughly all of the actors fail at pretending to knit.

It’s hilarious and slightly aggravating. I might make a compilation video. Set to an equally hilarious and aggravating song.

Creative ways to travel light…

•March 17, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Picking up groceries last night, I ended up buying the six-compartment, re-usable wine bag from Trader Joe’s.

I did not tell the cashier I was going to use it to carry and separate my knitting projects, yarn, sewing kit, iced coffee, and the mason jar containing my lunch.

Tedious Things in the Lives of Crafters #17: Losing Your Notes

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Show your work. First rule and best rule of anything you do. If you’re going to modify, you have to take notes. It’s one thing to rely on your judgement of what’s going to look good or work best versus what the pattern says to do if the piece you’re making is a one-off. But good luck on repeating your easier, fancier, more appropriate modifications if you don’t write things down.

The worst part? Sometimes even that doesn’t help. Long projects can go for longer than we anticipate and that increases the chances of our cheat sheets getting lost, leaving us with a bundle of half-knitted wool or yarn saying “What the fuck did I do to this again?”

I’ve been knitting a cardigan for almost five months. I was two-thirds of the way complete before sanity and the impending winter holidays forced me to shelve the project. Coming back to it (and the mods I made to the first sleeve) after so many months has been difficult as I start to work on the final stages. Fortunately, the final piece I have to work on… is a sleeve. One of a matched set. And the mods I made (mostly decreases in stitches) are easily picked up by line of sight and bookmarked by stitch holders. We may save this sweater in time for Spring!

Happy International Pi Day, everyone

•March 14, 2015 • Leave a Comment

It’s nearly 3.14.15 (9:26:53) in Chicago and I am sitting in a cafe, wearing my Hail Sagan t-shirt and knitting the second sleeve of a cardigan. 

The “pie” (my tomato and mozzarella quiche) is long gone.


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