Tiny Red Dwarf Cross Stitch Necklace

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Playing with the black Aida cloth sent me to bed with visions of spaceships dancing in my head. After the TARDIS, how did I ever have a choice but to give replicating Red Dwraf a shot? Read more…)

Adventures in Mutant Hybrid Knitting (or Tales of a Mad Crafter)

•August 13, 2015 • 5 Comments

Dilemma: so, I just moved from a Hobbit Cave in Boystown to a one-bedroom in Logan Square (shared with three other people: one human, two cats) and there is not much space for yarn storage.

Solution: Offload seven balls of black, bulky weight, bamboo/wool blend yarn by knitting a cardigan. Easy!

(Not easy.)

Day 1:
– Find pattern for bottom-up cardigan on Ravelry.

– Adapt stitches for needle size (12.75mm instead of the pattern’s 6mm).

Day 2:
– Realize the bulky weight yarn will look good with a different knit stitch and switch from pattern (reverse stockinette with seed stitch border) to openwork garter stitch
(found on YouTube).

-Pull everything apart, roll up yarn ball, start again. Knit to beginning of knitter/wearer’s arm pits.

Day 3:
– Realize the Ravelry pattern calls for three double-pointed needles to create sleeves (bit daunting for this knitter). Default to previous pattern’s sleeve design.

– Adjust pattern for vertical sleeve openings, calculate sleeve placement based on needle size and previous pattern.

– Knit four rows of estimated 16 rows needed for sleeve openings, realize missed step in initial calculations and only 8 rows are needed.

– Dissatisfied with armhole shaping, remove needle and start pulling yarn out. Abruptly realize that openwork stitches are larger than needle measurements (creating 18mm stitches instead of 12.75mm) and ALL of your calculations for the adjusted pattern are wrong.

Day 4:
– Pull knitting apart, roll up yarn balls, start again.

Tedious Things in the Lives of Crafters: Moving House

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Some general bullet points (or stages of grief):

– Assessing the number of craft items that need to be moved and stored.
– Deciding which items need to keep and which to cull.
– Assuring yourself that you can fit everything you’re keeping into ten decorative storage boxes (preferably Recollections’ UK and London series).
– Sitting down to pack everything.
– Realizing you need to cut scrapbook paper and felt into squares small enough to fit in the boxes.
– Realizing that you actually need twelve boxes and that you haven’t even accounted for yarn yet.
– Curl up in a ball on the floor with Kleenex and knitting needles.

Favorite Videos: “Changes,” David Bowie

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This song seems to be following me lately — in shops, in train stations, the Paddington Bear shop in Heathrow Airport, and, most notably, the gelateria up the street from my old apartment.

I moved in with my girlfriend last week, bringing my four years in Boystown officially to a close. It’s not as bittersweet as I thought it might be. The neighborhood was the first place in the city that felt like my home and it helped me through what was, at the time, a very painful transition. This transition I’m facing right now is a much easier one and I’m leaving behind some very happy memories that I have the gayborhood and the friends I made there to thank for.

Paddington Bear Amigurumi

•August 6, 2015 • 2 Comments

So, big surprise, seven days in London were not quite enough. My one regret about the trip last month? Not taking the time to swing by Paddington Station — the Piccadilly line ran straight from Heathrow to Kings Cross and where we were staying, so excuses to swing by the station and one of the Paddington Bear carts were thin on the ground.

Having set aside one amigurumi project that was frustrating me, I decided to pick up a new one in the SPA Open Crafting room (thanks again to Marian, Maribeth, Rebecca, everyone who donated supplies this year). (Read more…)

Tiny TARDIS Cross Stitch Necklace

•August 3, 2015 • 2 Comments

Another year, another GenCon come and gone. As always, it was great fun!

Prepping for my workshop was slightly less stressful this time around than it was a few years ago. I spent most of the day before getting materials ready, making sure everything was packed, and updating the pattern booklet to distract myself. It turned out that the last pattern I worked with ended up being my most popular at the convention. (Read more…)

Quick poll…

•July 29, 2015 • 1 Comment

I’ve got white cross stitch cloth and a package of black Rit dye to make black cloth for the workshop. Should I swing by the shop and pick up a third color? Say…pink? Is that too much?

(Consider also that, so far, only four people have signed up for the workshop.)


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