Teetotal Punk Embroidered Badge

•October 18, 2016 • Leave a Comment

I’m a big fan of badges — I bought so many sets of badges from Big Wow Badges (then called 50p Badges), they covered my lanyards, jacket lapels, and the straps of my messenger bags. Collegiate (“Art School Wank”), political (“Keep Left”), film culture and British comedy… I loved them all and lost so many to broken pins, misplaced clothing, and the elements (faded and rusted from rain and snow). These past few months, when my energy was low and I was cross stitching tiny patterns like mad, it was always with the 1″ badges I loved so much in mind. (Read more…)

Favorite Videos: “Spooky,” Dusty Springfield

•October 17, 2016 • Leave a Comment

Halfway through my favorite month of the year and I’m measuring out my days in coffee spoons, stockinette stitches, stories about vampires, and jazzy pop vocalists. Today, we’re drinking cold brew, working on a bottom-up cardigan, researching exsanguination, and listening to Dusty Springfield.

Rest in Peace (You Bastard)

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Three coats into painting one of my toy coffins and I realized they were the perfect size for some of my crocheted plushies. I thought SPG would particularly appreciate the coincidence.

Favorite Videos: “DIY Anatomical Human Heart Polymer Clay Tutorial”

•October 13, 2016 • Leave a Comment

More anatomical brilliance, this time from PuddingFishCakes. Their tutorial takes the viewer through the detailing of the human heart and how working each functioning part of the heart into the design contributes to the whole. I am so enamored with this artist’s work — from the macabre to the downright cute. Take a look!

It’s World Mental Health Day…

•October 10, 2016 • Leave a Comment

The theme this year is psychological first aid: knowing how you can help, what to say, and what not to say to someone in crisis can make all the difference in the world — not just for professionals, not just for counselors.

Everyone can learn and everyone can help.

I’m reading over the offered materials this year — for others as well as myself. I suggest you do the same.

Allen Key Suede Pouch

•October 10, 2016 • Leave a Comment

My girlfriend surprised me a few weeks ago with a stainless steel collar that had a 5/64 Allen key closure. Fortunately, the tiny key was included in the box along with an extra screw (just in case). I immediately spent four hours designing and assembling a made-to-measure pouch (worn around the neck similar to a medicine bag) to ensure I wouldn’t lose it. (Read more…)

Favorite Videos: “Over at the Frankenstein Place/There’s a Light”

•October 8, 2016 • Leave a Comment

It’s always nice to see the local screening of Rocky Horror get a big turn-out in October each year. I owe a lot of my stranger adolescent musings and fixations to Richard O’ Brien’s horror-rock creation. I suspect quite a few people do.

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