Through the wilderness…

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Two days after the end of National Novel Writing Month and we’re back to knitting!

While still writing and editing. 

And donating to groups in America that are going to need it soon. 

Watch for a new pair of gloves and some new donate buttons on the side of this blog. No need to wait up for the vampire novel — that will take a bit longer.

I’ll ride with you…

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For anyone else who’s had a rough few days. 

And anyone who might have been interested in how the single-strand floss cross stitched on 30-count even weave turned out. 

Two tickets, please…

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Hey, cats.

So, it’s been a rough 12 hours at Ms. Moody’s house. (It’s been a rough year overall, but, per tradition, I’ll save that particular story for New Year’s Eve). Even in the relative safety of Chicago — where we ousted the GOP incumbent senator in favor of Tammy Duckworth, where we had the option of dumping anti-LGBT judges up for retention, and where the only member of the Orange Lantern Corps is visibly frightened to visit — I had a scary moment when I kissed my girlfriend goodbye this morning.

I’m a queer lady. My girlfriend is a trans lady.

We’re quite visible. You may have seen us on the streets, huddled together under a bus shelter, or walking hand-in-hand. We saw you, too. We’re used to stares and the occasional catcall. We’re quite loud, as well. Well-educated, well-spoken (her more so than me), unwilling to let other people steamroll us or patronize or presume to tell us what our needs are, or what we can expect to receive from the paternalistic concern of allies and non-allies alike.

We’re not the “good gays” that are still going to invite Trump voters to brunch at the end of this. If we haven’t run you off already, you’d better lace up your trainers and start now. You’ll be out of our lives before too long and our lives will be better for it.

But, if you were a Trump voter, it’s not you I’m worried about.

I’m worried about the threats made to me and mine by the people you just elected — specifically, the governor who advocated conversion therapy for gay teenagers, the governor who advocated and signed into law “religious freedom” measures designed to limit the mobility of LGBTQA American citizens. North Carolina’s notorious governor is out, but, regardless of whether that will disable that state’s anti-trans “bathroom bill” and repeal of non-discrimination ordinances is immaterial — because two key supporters of similar bills were just voted into two of the highest offices in the country.

So, yes. I was scared to kiss my girlfriend goodbye this morning. Call it separation anxiety, general anxiety, and good old-fashioned dread. I have no idea what kind of country we are going to become after this and how welcome the two of us “bad gays” will be in it in the months ahead. But we’ll be together and we’ll be safe together.

In the meantime, I glad I know how to knit. Wherever we end up together, we’re going to need warm scarves and gloves.

“Cat dead. Details later.”

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People who read this blog with any kind of regularity know that, via my craft designs and improvisations, I’m, at heart, a nerdy sci-fi/horror fan who likes to break things and play dress-up. So it should come as no surprise that I also enjoy improvising costumes and All Hallow’s Eve brought out my more sinister side this year. They don’t come more more nerdy or sinister than Jeffrey Combs’ Herbert West (star of H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator). (Read more…)

Favorite Videos: “I’d Rather Be Burned as a Witch,” Eartha Kitt

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I suspect everyone who bucks cultural norms — whether in terms of dress, habits, sexuality, gender performativity or career choice — is accused of being unnatural, otherworldly, and, indeed, a witch at one time or another. I’ve yet to be called a witch or threatened with burning. When that happens (and it will), I’ll take it as the compliment Eartha Kitt would tell me it is.

Spinning yarns…

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My new yarn from Ms Monster Creations has arrived!

So pretty I almost don’t want to unwrap it.

With chillier temperatures on the way, I haven’t decided whether this will be used to make a hat, a scarf, or a new pair of gloves.

Favorite Videos: Easy DIY Cross Stitched Pumpkin

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For all my playing with toy coffins and hunting for skull-shaped house supplies, Halloween sneaked up on me this year. Fortunately, Logan Square has Pumpkinfest on Saturday and Yarn Lab Canada has a fun tutorial for incorporating fiber crafts into jack-o-lantern time that is right up my alley! Safe for apartment dwellers (no candle to light), homes with small children (again no candle), and unruly cats (if they decide to knock this out of their window, my place won’t catch fire).

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