Intro post

Here’s the short version of what I’m doing with this blog: knitting, beading, painting and blogging about it.

Here’s the long version: using a hobby I love as a way of working through my depression and social anxiety.

It’s a tall order. But not as much as one might think.

My father suffered from clinical depression most of his life. He was an amateur videographer who talked about how shooting and editing video (a hobby that started when he was 13, when his own father gave him a C8 Bolex for his birthday) had saved his life. If he had a project he was working on, all of the pressure, frustrations and anxieties he wrestled with on a daily basis faded into the background for a while. He was also quick to point out the pattern in other adults I knew: my best friend’s mother cross-stitched and designed clothes. A high school teacher of mine was also a playwright who designed t-shirts for her various theatrical productions. One of my grandmothers crocheted blankets for family members and friends. The other made jewelry. 

A few books and studies have been published in the ten years since that express much the same thing — that crafting and working on projects can .  One of my favorite quotes comes from Susan Gordon Lydon’s Knitting Heaven and Earth: Healing the Heart with Craft:

“Handcrafts have served as my path to englightenment, the vehicle of my shamanic journey, the way I discover who I am and make progress toward knowing how to care for myself as well as for others, my consolation in times of unbearable stress.”

This blog will serve as both a record of my projects, my friends’ projects and entries discussing depression, crafting tips, website and blog recs and crafting in general.


~ by blackmoodcraft on February 3, 2011.

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