Sirius Black Scarf

This pattern was designed, licensed and copyrighted by Michelle Malach and posted at The Leaky Cauldron. She designed it as a dishcloth with a garter stitch border. I wanted to use the design for a scarf and did a bit of improvising — knitting the pattern of Sirius’s infamous tattoo (as seen in Prisoner of Azkaban) at both ends.

I used US 7 needles and Red Heart heather gray acrylic yarn. I did four rows of garter stitch at either end of the scarf but kept to the stockinette stitch with no rib on the sides — so the ends of the scarf roll toward the middle when I’m not wearing it (and even when I am sometimes).

I always thought the art director made an interesting choice when she selected this symbol for Sirius’s main tattoo. It’s an alchemy symbol(1). Inverted, it means “amalgam.” But, Sirius being Sirius, he apparently had it tattooed upside-down!


~ by blackmoodcraft on February 6, 2011.

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