Chicago Flag Wristband

I first visited Chicago in August 1997 and dreamed of moving there to go to school and establish a life. My dream came true in August 2009. This city has given me a lot of opportunities (for education, for work, for love) that I would never have had anywhere else. This wristband was actually something of a happy accident..

I started out just making a plain striped wristband when my wife commented that the stripes resembled the Chicago flag. Well, then I had to prove her right!

A lot of wristband patterns recommend the k2, p2 rib stich for the edges. I prefer to use two rows of the garter stitch. It’s simple understated and still stretchy enough that you can take it on and off.

For this project, I used US 4 bamboo needles, Red Heart white acrylic yarn and Impeccable turquoise acrylic yarn, both skeins of which I got at Joann’s Fabrics for less than $3 a piece. The red stars are Vanna’s Choice cranberry acrylic, made by Lion Brand Yarn. I had a little bit left over after I finished my brother’s Christmas scarf.

The pattern itself is pretty basic: I cast on 36 stitches (to make sure it would fit my wrist. I knitted two rows of garter stitch and two rows of stockinette in the white before I knitted two rows of turquoise (also in St), followed by 4 rows of white, 4 rows turquoise, 2 rows of white, and one row of white in garter stitch before binding it off and stitching the ends together with the mattress stitch. I added the stars afterward writh a sewing needle, threading the red “V”s over the white stitches. Each of them are spaced two stitches apart.

The badge I put on it is one I bought at Market Days, the Midwest’s largest outdoor street festival (based in one of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods, Lakeview), last summer.

I’ve been making wristbands for myself since I learned to a knit a little more than a year ago. My first knitting project outside of practice swatches was a black wristband. I attempted to follow Catherine Stinson’s pattern from Debbie Stoller’s Stitch ‘N Bitch Handbook but got frustrated with the rib stitch early and opted to use a stockinette stitch that ran horizontally instead of vertically (so the ends curled in). The results were pretty typical for a first try. Any mistakes I made were more or less covered by the badges I chose to wear with it.

What do you think? Have I come a long way?

~ by blackmoodcraft on February 22, 2011.

3 Responses to “Chicago Flag Wristband”

  1. Definitely a major improvement. It looks a lot cleaner, and making your own pattern is super-spiffy!

  2. Your Chicago wristband is very impressive! Great job on it! I definitely do think you’ve come a long way (though that doesn’t mean your knitting wasn’t great to begin with–it has always been impressive). Keep up the great work; I can’t wait to see what else you craft!

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