Trickster’s Touch: Evil Eye Bracelet with Harlequin Pendant

Two of my favorite Yule presents this year were a string of blue “Evil Eye” beads and Kenneth Anger’s Magick Lantern Cycle dvd box set. Among this collection of Anger’s best work was the 1950 short film Rabbit’s Moon, a virtually silent (except for the doo-wop soundtrack) re-telling of the Commedia dell’Arte story of Pierrot, Columbine, and Harlequin the trickster (who carries a big stick and is rather suggestive with it).

Evil eye (or “nazar”) beads are prevalent in many cultures where people believe they protect the one who wears them from envy and malicious intent. I thought these two would go rather well together…

Realeather Craft Lace Waxed Thread
Silver adjustable chain
Silver lobster claw clasp
Silver jump bead
18 Evil Eye beads
1 Blue Moon Beads Poetiques Harlequin pendant
Jewelry pliers
Sewing needle

The great thing about the waxed thread is it’s easy to knot and, once the matches melt the remaining wax, the knots are relatively secure and the wearer doesn’t have to worry about them coming loose. The snag is is that the because the thread is five or six strings held together with wax, it frays and splits easily once you cut it — hence the sewing needle. I cut a length of thread about 20″ long, strung the chain on and knotted it before adding the beads and pendant. The lobster claw clasp was added last, knotted and once the string was cut, I used the matches to burn off the remaining loose ends and melt the wax.

The harlequin pendant was one of a set of three pendants (the other two were English crowns) I bought at clearance from Michaels. It was one of those fortuitious purchases that I was overjoyed to find and I’m glad I was able to put a project together to showcase it.

What do you think?


~ by blackmoodcraft on March 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “Trickster’s Touch: Evil Eye Bracelet with Harlequin Pendant”

  1. Cute! Absolutely love it!

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