Bandit Shrug: Prison Stripe Scarf with Sleeves

I like jackets. Jackets, hoodies, cardigans — I have an aversion to short sleeves. I was the only non-motorcycle riding person in Chicago wearing a leather jacket in 90+ degree weather last summer. So I went looking for a shrug project and found this pattern from Mango Moon. It ended up being my biggest project yet, taking more than a week to complete. I even knitted the majority of the scarf on a United flight to and from Phoenix (does anyone else find it funny that the TSA has a knitting needles page?).

Six skeins Bulky weight Loops and Threads Charisma charcoal acrylic yarn
One skein Bulky weight Loops and Threads Charisma black acrylic yarn
US 10.5 needles
US 13 needles
Yarn needle

I used the 10.5 needles to knit the sleeves and back of the shrug — the whole thing was knitted cuff to cuff with two rows of k2p2 rib stitch at either end and stockinette stitch in between. The pattern originally called for CO 26 or 29 stitches but I ended up casting on 48 stitches to ensure that the sleeves would fit the widest part of my arm. I also decided I wanted 3/4 sleeves rather than full-sleeves, so I knitted 50 inches of sleeve (as opposed to 60″) before binding off. After I finished knitting, I folded the sleeves in half — reverse stockinette-stitch facing out –and seamed the side stitches together with the yarn needle, leaving enough space for the back of the shrug.

The scarf was done all in garter stitch with US 13 needles. I knitted four rows for each color before switching. The stripes were loosely inspired by the old school prison stripes we see in a lot of movies (such as Paul Muni’s character in I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gaing and Sirius Black’s Azkaban uniform).

For the tassels, I cut off eighteen 6″ strands of each color and separated them into six pairs of three. I folded the strands into loops and pulled the tops through the holes between the first and second rows of stitches. I then pulled the ends of the tassels through the loops until they were tight and the fringe was hanging down.

Once I finished knitting, I joined the mid-point of the scraft to the mid-point of the back of the shrug, seaming the two pieces together for ten inches so that the scarf draped around my neck like a collar.

Questions? Comments? Advice on how I could have done this better? (And hey! It’s the crafter’s first appearance in the blog)


~ by blackmoodcraft on April 14, 2011.

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