Metal and Glass Gay Pride Necklace

Eight years ago, I went to my first gay pride festival. I spent the first day working for my community college’s LGBT student organization, manning the table and handing out pamphlets and course catalogues (as well as interviewing nearby vendors for the college newspaper — girl can multitask). The next day I went to my first pride parade. At 75,000 people in attendance, it was the largest turnout for the parade that St. Louis, Missouri had ever seen (it was surpassed by 80K people the next year and 85K a few years later). I was twenty years old, in the closet to all but my friends and college classmates and the sense of community I experienced there — and continue to experience at pride festivals all over the country — is unlike anything I’ve encountered.

The rainbow as a pride symbol is represented in several mediums at the festival (and in everyday life): on flags, signs, t-shirts, tattoos, and many, many different types of jewelry. I made this colorful necklace just in time for the last day of London’s Pride Festival (I am in Chicago, but, as ever, my heart is across the pond).

6 Elite Better Beads handcrafted glass beads (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
12 Bead Treasures rochaille glass beads
6 silver head pins
7 dark silver alumnium jump rings
1 silver lobster claw clasp
1 Blue Moon Lost & Found oval cable chain.
jewelry pliers
wire cutters

This was a relatively simple project. I started by stringing three glass beads on each headpin — one small rochaille bead on either side of the large colored beads. I used the wire cutters to trim the remaining pin down to approximately 5mm above the top bead. I then used the jewelry pliers to fold the remainder down into a loop with the end tucked into the top bead. I attached a jump ring to each of the loops and then attached the jump ring with the bead toggled to the chain, alternating three links of chain between each of the six beads, keeping the pattern equidistant from the ends of the chain. Finally, I used the pliers and the last jump ring to attach the lobster claw clasp.

The Elite Better Beads were something I had for a few years. I originally got them when I was making prayer malas (I thought the little silver band bisecting each color made the beads look like little lanterns) and decided not to use them. They were at the bottom of my bead kit box gathering dust for a long time. When I decided I wanted to make something for Pride, they were the first things I thought of.

I’ve always loved the effect of metal and glass in jewelry and I think the effect here turned out superb — the pride colors combined with the luminosity of the glass and the muted tone of the metal chain.


~ by blackmoodcraft on July 3, 2011.

3 Responses to “Metal and Glass Gay Pride Necklace”

  1. Beautiful! Great shades of each of those colors. As often as not, folks choose each color for their rainbows separately, and they don’t match at all. Yours, however, look perfect!

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