PHOTO: The Two Severus Snapes

It was a very good weekend for Severus Snape. When my first doll went missing, I spent a couple of hours the first day at GenCon making a new one. He was easily the most recognizable of all the dolls I had with me, inspired many compliments and, subsequently, a commission to make another one!

The Severus on the right is mine. The Severus on the left is Au’na’s (who is also holding both boys).

Her Severus has a wand, which was a new first for me. I painted a toothpick with two coats of black Americana gloss enamels paint before spraying it with a matte finish. For the handle, I wrapped a small string of black embroidery floss around one end, rubbed in a dab of paint to secure it before spraying everything down with another spray matte finish.

When I gave him to her, she asked if I could make a loose stitch in his right hand so that the doll could actually hold the wand. It took me two minutes to do it and seemed to hold pretty well.


(I hope people can see this. My cellphone camera isn’t great, will never be great and will continue to disappoint until I get a new one, but for this past weekend, it’s what I had).


~ by blackmoodcraft on August 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “PHOTO: The Two Severus Snapes”

  1. Thank you so much for my Severus~! He has a place of honor already. Also, I tweeted at you about the toothpicks I found, but I wanted to make sure you checked them out. They have a flat bottom, a small set of indents, and is of a good size if you’re not worried too much about proportions (you could cut it down if you wanted.) Here’s a picture!

    • You’re so welcome! I’m glad you love him and I’m glad he’s gone to a good home. Those toothpicks are awesome! They’re making me want to make more Potter dolls.

  2. […] The projects displayed in the first photo are as follows: Wood and Leather Coffin Locket Severus Snape doll Evil Eye and Harlequin bracelet Tyr the Amputee’s Pocket Watch Share […]

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