Wood and Leather Coffin Locket

One of the SPA activities I took part in at this year’s GenCon was Debra J. Woodings’ Tiny Collage or Type Key Bracelet class. I opted for the tiny collage portion and after sorting through the pages of clip art images and findings, I put together this (slightly morbid) little beauty.

Alphastamps three-piece chipboard mini-shrine
“Ultimate” glue
Skull/skeleton clip art
Card stock
Metal findings
Leather cord
Leather scraps

One of the many sheets of clip art Debra had printed out on cardstock for the class was a sheet of skulls and medical clip art. I enjoy skull imagery very much and was examining one of these pages when I spotted the medical text image of the rib cage.

I cut the rib cage clip art into a small 1″ x 1″ square and used the Ultimate glue to fix it between the back piece and middle “window” piece. The middle piece had a small breakaway piece at the top that allowed me to make a hole for a chain or cord for a necklace. I broke away the middle piece and glued the top piece back in place, running the leather cord Debra gave me (“It needs leather.”) in between.

I glued the top piece on last and used the ultimate glue to fix a small 1″ leather door over the space. I thought it needed someting at the top to set it off and considered a couple plastic drops and charms before Debra showed me a back full of small metal circle findings — these were the punch outs from a sheet of chainmaille rings. I picked one of the smallest ones and fixed it to the top.

The little bee/firefly charm was in one of the findings boxes next to several other beads, charms and drops. I thought he was cute and he reminded me of the Sherlock Holmes stories I’ve been reading lately, so I slid him on the cord to sit next to the locket.

I like working with natural materials and this was, apart from my malas, the first time I worked with leather and wood. I’m very pleased with the way it turned out — I now have a one of a kind piece of jewelry that I wouldn’t have had before.

~ by blackmoodcraft on August 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “Wood and Leather Coffin Locket”

  1. That is fucking -awesome-! I love it!

    • This was so much fun to make. I didn’t even set out to make a locket! I just loved the idea of opening up the little shrine and seeing this beautiful, detailed, slightly gruesome image. 🙂

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