Zombie Librarian Costume

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say Halloween is my favorite time of the year. And I’m sure most crafty people will agree that choosing the materials for a costume, putting it together and choosing how to do your make-up is a craft in itself.

I almost never buy costumes. My last three Halloween costumes — Witch, Hell’s Granny and Lizzy Borden– were all made up of clothes I already had in my wardrobe and had, mostly, bought for non-costume purposes. I also don’t believe in throwing away theatrical make-up once the holiday is through, so I have several little jars of Cinema Secrets Liquid Make-Up base and powders along with a few tubes of fake blood (which prompted at least one former co-worker to say “who just has fake blood LYING AROUND?!”).

I was a little worried about running out this year, since the jars I have are so small. So I popped into CVS on Friday, did a quick scan of what was left on the Halloween shelves and grabbed the first item that had a palette of base — which happened to be a pirate kit. I ended up using just the sponge and the red wax pencil, but it’s still nice to have the other stuff in case I run out next year.

The shoes and skirt were both mine. I hadn’t worn the latter in a long time because, the older you get, it gets more and more difficult to carry off certain colors for tartan kilts (and certain lengths) without looking like a naughty schoolgirl. The grey tights were a last minute find at Deal$ for three dollars. To give them a good effect, I tore holes in the knees and shin with my X-acto knife and poured in fake blood to give the illusion of wounds (My guess: she slipped when she was running to get the shotgun under her counter).

The black sweater and lace blouse were also mine. The blouse was something I picked up on clearance from Sears *years* ago. It’s too short for me to wear with everyday clothes now but, with the proper cami underneath, it’s still good for costume play. Both have the soft, pearl facsimile buttons which complemented each other well. The spider brooch with the pink stones was a gift from an ex of mine. I thought it’d be a nice touch for a freshly dead librarian.

(Still more “naughty schoolgirl” here than librarian)

For my face, I made sure to wash and style my hair first, pulling it back from my face. I washed and dried my face before applying Cinema Secrets liquid ivory base. I wanted a “straight out of the mortuary” look for my character and the base gave my face a waxy “just dead” pallor I loved.

(My Vincent Price face)

I used the red wax pencil to outline my lips, ensuring that they would still be visible once the make-up was finished.

To give the illusion of lividity, I used the Cinema Secrets dark purple around my eyes and dabbed a bit of it around my mouth just before adding the last layer of base and powder.

The make-up job for my hands ended up being almost as laborious as the job for my face (for one thing, before I blended in the powder, I kept accidentally rubbing it off everywhere) but well worth the effort.

First, I used the red wax pencil to outline my nail beds.

Then I sponged on some the purple cinema secrets make-up around my finger tips.

Finally, I applied more of the waxy base on top to blend in the colors and brushed on the white powder to finish it off.

And there we have it — one (slightly blurry) living dead girl. Thoughts?


~ by blackmoodcraft on November 2, 2011.

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  1. Very awesome!

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