Parachute Cord Bracelet

A friend of mine in the Indiana National Guard came back from his drill weekend and showed me how to make this.

These bracelets started popping up everywhere more than a year ago (the first one I ever saw was on the wrist of another friend of mine — a culinary student and martial arts enthusiast who taught me how to make spaghetti sauce from scratch). Sometimes they’re marketed as “survival bracelets” and include a D-ring clasp. According to James (and Crafty Nest), it’s a convenient way for soldiers and outdoors men to always have eight to ten feet of para cord on hand without taking up room in your pack.

550 parachute cord
Four-hole 1″ buttons
Pocket knife

James: “You want to get a little more than three arm-lengths of 550 cord. Once you have that, cut the cord with your knife and use the lighter to melt the frayed ends. You want to keep it burning until the material begins to bubble, then pinch it down to a fine point with your thumb and forefinger.”

Once cut to the length you need, you’re supposed to pull the cord through the holes in the button to create a loop for the button clasp, at the same time pulling and adjusting to make sure the tail ends of the cords come out even. The four-hole buttons we used to loop the ends of the cord were from an old pair of Army camo pants. Because the holes were too small for the para cord, we used the pocket knife to carve the center cross out of the button.

James: “You can get buttons with larger holes. I just went with these because they were easy and I had them on hand.”

Once the tails are even, you can begin the bracelet’s intricate braid pattern (graciously provided to the public by the Remote Areas Emergency Medicine and Survival website). When you get to the end of the pattern, cut each of the loose ends until they’re about a centimeter long and melt them with the lighter, scraping them so that they line up with and adhere to the rest of the bracelet.

James: And there you go! If the bracelet ends up being a little loose, you can twist the loop to tighten it before fastening it to the button.

Thanks, James!

~ by blackmoodcraft on November 8, 2011.

One Response to “Parachute Cord Bracelet”

  1. i have one of those bracelts my sthep dad was in the airforce and made me one

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