Favorite Videos: The Moody Blues, “The Sun is Still Shining”

This is my favorite track from the To Our Children’s Children’s Children album.

Recorded in 1969 and leased in 1970, all of the songs were inspired by the Apollo 11 moon landing and the “space story” of America and the rest of the world. It’s a point of contemplation — as a country we Yanks had set the goal of putting men on the moon less than ten years earlier — but what did the realization of that goal mean for everyone on the planet? Our potential as human beings? And what does a goal successfully realized say about all the other goals unresolved and unrealized?

Ultimately, the universe goes on with us or without us (something people with depression contemplate often). But while we’re here, we might as well greet everything with an open heart.


~ by blackmoodcraft on November 25, 2011.

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