Texas Longhorns Gift Card Sleeve

More Seasons Greetings, everyone! (because I do not acknowledge the end of the holiday until after New Year’s)

To make sure no one breaks the bank each holiday season, the second generation on my mother’s side does a name pick every year to make sure everyone gets something special. This year, I got my 13-year-old cousin. When I called my uncle to ask for present ideas, I was informed that Tommy likes video games, iTunes and the Texas Longhorns. I figured I could make something of at least two of those ideas.

One orange felt square
One white felt square
White embroidery floss
Embroidery Scissors
Tapestry needle
Typing paper

This was a fairly simple project to put together once I sat down to do it. Buying the iTunes gift card? An easy trip to Best Buy. Cutting out a rectangle of orange felt to cover both sides of the card? Easy (you hold the card against the felt and cut around it, folding up and over to get the other side as you cut).

The hardest part was fashioning a halfway decent replica of the white Longhorns image. And for this, I have the good people of HTC and Sprint to thank — I was able to pull up the image on my phone and, using it as a small lightbox, trace the image on the typing paper with my pen.

(Not the actual size)

Once that was finished, I cut out the tracing and, holding it against a square of white felt, used the scissors to cut a felt replica of the paper cutout.

Once finished, I used the white embroidery thread to sew up the sides of the orange sleeve. Once the sides were finished, I realized the Longhorns logo was too small (1″ x approx. 3/4 cm) to sew onto the sleeve, so I used my Elmer’s Glue and stylus to adhere it to the felt.

Not bad for a first try and Tommy seemed to like it! What do you think?


~ by blackmoodcraft on December 31, 2011.

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