Star Trek Command Colors Keyhole Scarf

Growing up in a Star Trek household as I did (or any kind of science-fiction and fantasy household) is a bit like growing up in a cult or a commune — we all grow up, move on and, once out in the world, find we prefer the company of the people who understand our language, behaviors and idiosyncrasies (“live long and prosper”).

Bobbie was a friend I met through another friend a few years ago and we bonded over many shared interests including Star Trek. When the time came to get everyone’s presents ready, I had the idea to make him something special for the winter months.

Two skeins Lion Brand Yarn Vanna’s Choice medium worsted weight yarn (Mustard)
One skein Lion Brand Yarn Vanna’s Choice fine worsted weight yarn (Diamond)
Black embroidery floss
US 7 knitting needles
Yarn needle
Stitch holders
Command insignia Star Trek patch (Classic series)
Size 20 tapestry needle

CO 40 stitches of Mustard yarn

Pattern 1) Knit 40 garter stitches
Knit 4 garter stitches, 32 purl stitches, 4 garter
Repeat for 22 more rows

First command stripe: Knit 4 rows of Diamond yarn in stockinette stitch
Switch back to Mustard yarn, knit 12 rows of Pattern 1.
Second command stripe: Knit 4 rows of Diamond yarn in stockinette stitch
Switch back to Mustard yarn
Knit Pattern 1 for approximately 36″

Use stitch holders to separate the yarn into two 20 stitch rows
Knit Pattern 1 for ten rows, creating the “keyhole.”
Remove the stitch holders and thread the needle back through all 40 stitches
Knit 20 rows of Pattern 1
Switch to Diamond yarn and knit first and second command stripes using the same stitch equation as before (4 Diamond, 20 Mustard, 4 Diamond, 24 Mustard).
BO, weave in ends.

The command insignia was a patch I ordered from Amazon. It's an iron-on patch which I opted to sew on instead — to allow the scarf to stretch and still maintain it's shape. Unfortunately, the iron-on adhesive backing is rather stiff and unyielding, so rather than break half a dozen tapestry needles attempting to sew the complete shape all the way around, I sewed two stitches in each of the points of the insignia (only breaking one needle) and knotted the remaining threads before weaving them into the reverse stockinette pattern on the back of the scarf.

The scarf was a big hit when he unwrapped it and I got a huge hug.

“Becca, I think you just won Christmas.”

What do you guys think?


~ by blackmoodcraft on January 4, 2012.

3 Responses to “Star Trek Command Colors Keyhole Scarf”

  1. This scarf is spectacular!!! I love it!

  2. […] friend Bobbie (of the TARDIS door art and Star Trek scarf fame) is driving up to Halifax for the SMOrgy (a two-day festival centering around Smith’s […]

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