A great article on knitting and crocheting being used in inmate rehabilitation programs…

Charlottesville, VA: Knitting, crocheting offer therapy for inmates

Fantastic article by Eileen Abbot. I hope this starts a trend in other U.S. cities.

The knitting and crocheting class is part of the Beyond the Bars program. It’s one of several educational and enrichment classes offered at the jail, and the number of participants can vary.

Snyder, a retired nurse, teaches the knitting and crocheting class. Many students say her positive and kind spirit is the reason they’re here.

“I feel I get more than I give,” Snyder said. “Craft classes give them the opportunity to feel proud, happy and successful about the work they are creating. They are a great group of gals that hopefully will someday be contributing on the outside, beyond the bars.”

It certainly beats pink undies and tent cells.

~ by blackmoodcraft on January 6, 2012.

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