Marvel Heroes (and Villains) Pendants

Tracy Henry (writer of She Is Stranger Than Fiction and Geek Girl Gourmet) is one of my favorite people in the world, so when the holidays came around, I wanted to make something very special for her. We’re both huge fans of Marvel comics and fans of the X-Men series in particular, so when I found a “Marvel Heroes” sticker sheet, this idea popped into my brain.

Organic wood stain
Royal Court Decoupage Sealer
3/4″ craft brush
Marvel Heroes sticker sheet
Size 20 tapestry needles
Woodsies pre-cut wood rectangles
Aluminum jump rings
Realeather craft lace waxed cord

I’ve been making decoupage pendants for a long time. Any stain will do for most of these — hell, any decent background color will do — but I’ve always liked the look of wood stain with stickers.

The organic stain I used for these is made of dark roast coffee, vanilla extract, black tea and red wine. Being water based, it required several coats to get the dark color I wanted (as well as waiting for each coat to dry before I added the next one). Later on, I alternated the coats of stain with coats of just red wine (Merlot, in this case) to get the reddish tones I liked so much.

To create holes for the jump rings and to ensure that each side got an even coat of stain, I used the tapestry needles to spear a small hole in the wood, working carefully so I didn’t split the wood, and then used the needles to prop up each piece while they dried.

After the staining was complete and the pieces were dry, I picked the appropriate stickers from the sheet and placed one on either side of the pendant. Tracy’s two X-husbands are Beast and Cyclops so picking those two for the first pendant was easy — as was picking Magneto and Mystique for the second one. While making these, I also decided to make one for myself, using two of my favorite Marvel comics heroes (Captain America and Iron Man).

Using the craft brush, I painted a single coat of decoupage finish on the first side then waited for it to dry. Once that side was dry, I turned the pendant over and painted the other side.

Once both sides were finished, I removed the needles and using the pliers, inserted and closed a jump ring around each pendant.

For the final touch, I cut two 24″ pieces of the Realeather craft lace wax cord to string the pendants on. I really loved how these turned out and Tracy seemed pleased.

What do you think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on January 13, 2012.

4 Responses to “Marvel Heroes (and Villains) Pendants”

  1. I love them! I haven’t been wearing them yet because I’d been sick and I didn’t want them to get messed up while tossing and turning in bed. But definitely going to wear them. I’d say that my other two X-Husbands are Logan and Kurt…though I’m a little leary to be with Logan if he’s going to have such disgusting pregnancy cravings. LOL These are fantastic pendants! ❤

    • I’m still so glad you liked them 🙂 They did have a lot of Wolverine stickers as well, but no Nightcrawler. I was disappointed. I wasn’t surprised that there was no Emma Frost or Rogue but no *Nightcralwer*??

      • Nightcrawler is hard to find a lot of the time. Whenever I do find anything with Nightcrawler on it, I snatch it up as quickly as possible. I’ve got some folders and spiral notebooks that have him and I bought as many as I could. He’s harder to find on T-shirts, but I’ve got a couple with him on them. I don’t know why there’s not more Nightcrawler. I do have a keychain with him that the ex found at a gas station and he bought it for me.

  2. […] was the one who noticed my Captain America/Iron Man pendant I made during the Yule/Saturnalia craft spree. She also loved the earrings Tracy gave me during my visit to San Marcos. So when I got the idea to […]

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