Surprise Giveaway and Happy February Everyone!

We’re now two weeks away from Valentine’s Day or, as a few of my friends prefer to call it, Lupercalia, the celebration of love (in contemporary Western culture) and of health, fertility, the purging of evil spirits and sacrifices in the name of Faunus (in ancient Rome). Also whippings — these are the Romans we’re talking about!

Lupercal is also the name of the cave where Romulus and Remus, the twin founders of Rome, were left to die as infants and were suckled by Lupa the she-wolf, saving their lives and leading to the advancement of civilization. Hurrah!

In honor of this fantastic holiday, I’m going to be making some Lupercalia cards with some interesting themes. And, seeing as how a lot of my crafts have been in the form of gifts lately, I’ll be giving them away to the first three people to e-mail me.

Send your name and address to

Looking forward to hearing from you! Happy February, everyone.

~ by blackmoodcraft on February 1, 2012.

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