“I’m a Troughton-Baker Girl” – Doctor Who Pendant

I hit a wall recently and decided to break the stillness by making a tribute to my two favorite doctors.

Stickopottamus Destination Tennessee sticker sheet
Jolee’s Boutique brass instruments sticker sheet
Recollections Prom Night sticker sheet
Snowman Christmas card
Royal Court decoupage sealer/adhesive
Craft Smart grey acrylic paint
Craft Smart black acrylic paint
Folk Art Engine Red acrylic paint
Folk Art Violet Pansy acrylic paint
Woodsies craft wood squares
3/4″ craft brush
X-acto knife
tapestry needle

I made a decoupage pendant with a Doctor Who theme for a very dear friend of mine years ago — one side had the hat (which was another out of the blue lucky find from Michael’s) and scarf stickers and said “WHO” in cut-out letters on a dark plum background to match the Fourth Doctor’s coat (the other side, incidentally, had a sticker of a the front end of a jersey cow on a green background and said “MOO” in cut out letters). I loved how it turned out and had the idea to make one for myself in the back of my head for a long time.

Like a lot of fans, I started out watching the current run of Doctor Who and started working my way backwards. My favorite doctors — the ones I consider “my doctors” — are Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor and Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor.

(Photo courtesy of the official BBC homepage)

Two’s loose bowtie, long coat and baggy checked pants were inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s tramp character and he is often referred to in Who texts and retrospectives as the “cosmic hobo” of the line-up. He is lively, plays a recorder and is the first doctor to offer anyone a Jelly Baby.

(Photo courtesy of the official BBC homepage)

Four is considered “THE Doctor” by a lot of Who fans through the generations. Partly because the show began airing in America and other overseas markets when Tom Baker made his debut; partly because Baker still holds the record for the longest tenure as the Doctor (seven years); partly because of his iconic look based on Toulouse Lautrec’s posters of Aristide Bruant, including a 12′ striped wool scarf made specifically for him by a woman in the BBC art department.

Choosing the colors for each side took a bit of thought this time. For Four’s, I opted to mix a dark plum color, to match the velvet coat we see him wear in his later adventures. For Two, I went with a simple dark grey to reflect the fact that when his episodes aired, Doctor Who was still being shot in black and white.

I ended up ordering two of these sticker sheets online just to fit the idea, rather than looking through the sheets I already had or the ones that were more readily available at Michael’s. The Tennessee sheet was essential because of the hat, the brass instruments sticker sheet because of the recorder.

It took me forever to find a bowtie sticker and I lucked out when I finally found the “prom night” sheet which included a dimensional sticker of a full tux in a bin at Michael’s. While quite sharp, the dimension of the sticker didn’t quite work for the piece (nor did the defined lapels of the jacket), so I removed the top part of the sticker.

The winter card with the snowmen wearing winters scarves and hats on the front was a find I made at last year’s GenCon, looking through scrapbook materials in the open crafting room. Since the doctor’s scarf is striped, but the one striped scarf I liked was partially obscured, I decided to cut out part of two scarves to make one, using the decoupage sealer to fix it to the pendant.

I thought about using number stickers (“2” and “4”) on either side, I decided to do a variation on what I did for Aneesa’s pendant a few years ago. Instead of “WHO” on one side and “MOO” on the other, I decided to cut out letters that spelled “W-H-O” and “T-W-O” on either side. And just to balance the color scheme, I opted to use black and white cut out letters on Four’s side and colored letters on Two’s.

Once the stickers were trimmed and in place, I painted both sides with decoupage sealer and let it dry (but not before adding one of my favorite features for all my “spacey” crafts — a very sparking pinch of glitter).

So what do you guys think? Nice? Not nice? Should I attempt more Doctor Who stuff in the future? (P.S. the answer to that one probably doesn’t matter because I still have a TARDIS door to paint on the side of my paperweight).


~ by blackmoodcraft on March 11, 2012.

2 Responses to ““I’m a Troughton-Baker Girl” – Doctor Who Pendant”

  1. nice! you should definitely make more doctor who stuff. maybe a river song journal?

    • Who crafts are great. I’ve made a few things to order but I have to be really inspired to make them. There’s such a glut of product out there and so much of it seems to revolve around a handful of concepts and imagery that I have zero interest in making myself — does anyone really need another weeping angels cross stitch? I know I don’t need to *make* one.

      The River Song journal is lovely and I had a friend request a kindle cover that resembled it which I’ve been toying with. For me, to keep it within a certain price range, the materials I can use are limited and it takes a lot of time to conceive and execute. I haven’t given up hope yet though. Stay tuned! 🙂

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