Six Sides to Every Story: HAL-9000 Paperweight

Have I mentioned how much I love you all today? At least, the percentage of people who ticked the box for HAL in the readers’ poll. I’ve re-watched 2001: A Space Odyssey several times in the past few weeks and it always leaves me with an oddly sunny outlook.

HAL-9000 image (370 x 370 pixels)
Americana Gloss Enamels black paint
Aleene’s spray on matte finish sealer
Royal Court decoupage sealer
Blue painter’s tape
Transparent packaging tape
3/4″ craft brush

To start, I covered the edges of the craft block with the blue painter’s tape. I then applied three coats of the black gloss enamels paint to the side with the craft brush.

Reproducing Hal’s eye was as simple as a Google search. I selected an image that was 370 x 370 pixels in size. I then used preferences to reduce the printed image to 75 percent before printing it out to make sure it would fit in the center of the block.

Once Hal’s eye was printed out, I cut out two pieces of the transparent packaging tape, sandwiching the image between both and cutting out the eye from the paper. Initially, I tried to use transparent adhesive book cover to protect Hal’s eye from the matte sealer. Unfortunately, the acrylic spray reacted badly with the plastic cover and caused it to soften and come loose from the paper several times, so I ended up replacing it with the more sturdy packaging tape.

Once the image was covered, I used a small amount of the decoupage sealer and adhesive to secure it to the center of the block. After it was dry, I covered the side with several coats of Aleene’s spray acrylic matte sealer, just enough to make the dry surface look smooth and glossy.

And there he is! This side took me a few days — picking it up and putting it down a few times — and I’m really proud of it. What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on March 26, 2012.

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