“The game is on!” BBC Sherlock Striped Keyhole Scarf

In between working my day jobs and designing the next side of my Nerd Cube paperweight (as well as getting presents ready for a few April birthdays), I was starting to crash a little bit and decided knitting a new scarf would be just the thing to keep me energized.

For many fans of the BBC adaptation, Sherlock’s scarf has become as iconic as Sidney Paget’s deerstalker. A lot of us have tried to replicate it (and struggled with finding just the right weight and color of yarn, the exact gauge, etc). I gave knitting it a try six months ago when I stumbled across the “Wool Ease” blue mist yarn at Joann’s Fabrics. The color was similar to the Paul Smith pashmina-style scarf Benedict Cumberbatch wore in series 1 and the acrylic/wool blend was very soft. The results were disappointing and I ended up pulling my knitting apart and rewinding the yarn. But the idea stayed with me and when Sherlock showed up with a new “blue on blue” striped scarf in series 2, I got the idea to try again — with a small twist.

(Photo courtesy of Sherlockology)

In addition to the scarf, John Watson’s black and white striped jumper from series 1 has become iconic of this version of his character, showing up in many, many fan art pieces in the past two years. When I decided I wanted to give Sherlock’s striped scarf a try, it just made sense to include John as well.

One skein Caron Simply Soft country dark blue yarn
One skein Caron Simply Soft black yarn
One ball Lion Brand Wool-Ease blue mist yarn
One ball white fine worsted yarn
US 5 needles
Stitch holders
Tapestry needle

CO 40 stitches of Wool Ease blue mist

Pattern 1) Knit 40 garter stitches
Knit 2 garter, 36 purl, 2 garter
Repeat for 20 rows
Switch to country dark blue yarn
Knit 40 garter stitches
Knit 2 garter, 36 purl, 2 garter
Repeat for 10 rows
Continue Pattern 1 for approximately 24″

Use stitch holders to separate the yarn into two rows of 20 stitches.
Knit Pattern 1 for ten rows, creating the “keyhole.”
Remove the stitch holders and thread the needle back through all 40 stitches
Continue knitting Pattern 1 for 100 more rows (approx. 15″)

Switch to black yarn
Pattern 2) Knit 10 rows stockinette stitch
Switch to white yarn
Knit 10 rows stockinette stitch
Continue Pattern 2 for approximately 30″
BO, weave in ends

EDIT: to stabilize the stockinette stitches (which tend to roll inward), work one row single crochet along the edges.

Looks like I have a fun accessory for the next Sherlockian meet up.

Interesting post-script: one of my colleagues at the bookstore snapped this photo for me. Later, when we were looking at it on the camera, we realized House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz (another Sherlock Holmes adaptation) could be seen on the shelf just over my left shoulder.


~ by blackmoodcraft on April 13, 2012.

7 Responses to ““The game is on!” BBC Sherlock Striped Keyhole Scarf”

  1. Oh that’s a fantastic scarf! I love it! 🙂 Sometimes I wish I lived where it was cold enough more often to wear my scarves. I usually get to wear them a couple of times here, but unless I’m out for long periods of time here, I don’t have to bother. Scarves are awesome!

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 It’s not overly warm, which is why I feel okay enough to wear it indoors, in the current weather — which is around 50-60 degrees on an average day. For weather where you are, I might use a different material — maybe a fine weight yarn or recycled silk. Something that will stay cool in warm temperatures.

  2. Absolutely LOVE it!!!

  3. The cool thing is that Jeremy Brett also had a long scarf through the last several seasons of the Grenada Holmes production. It was a hugely long (because Brett was very tall) black scarf, though. So the death frisbee and the scarf, I suppose…

    • Yeah, Jeremy Brett’s scarf is kind of spectacular in that it’s this overlong very simple pattern. It’s just hundreds and hundreds of rows of garter stitch in black wool. Also, if I recall correctly, I believe the lead actor in the Russian TV series also wore a tan cashmere scarf. It’s been cropping up in a lot of adaptations! 🙂

  4. […] you keep tuning in for fun new crafts. And heartfelt thanks to The Final Problem, who featured the Sherlock and John scarf on their Activities for Bored Sherlockians tag. You brought a lot of new people to the site […]

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