Coffee Craft: “How to Make a Latte” Wall Art

We’ve had five people give their two weeks notice in the past month at the cafe (three of them in a single week, which I’ve nicknamed “Lemming April”). One of them was my buddy John. During our last shift, I asked him if he wanted a going away present. He said he wanted a framed recipe for a latte (probably never suspecting I would actually give him one).

5″ x 7″ photo frame
Utrecht Decorative Papers – White, 3″ x 5″
Bazzill Basics Paper 12″ x 12″ whipped mousse card stock
Craft Smart black acrylic paint
X-acto knite
Scotch tape

Interestingly, I’d never matted a photo or a piece of artwork before. I had a vague idea of what the matted artwork in my parents’ and grandparents’ homes looked like as well as the smaller framed pieces I’d seen in galleries, so I based the size and placement of the art on that, with the matte itself acting as a frame for the art while I was painting it.

To create the matte frame, I removed the glossy paper from the photo frame and used the pen to trace around it on the whipped mousse cardstock and cut out the 5″ x 7″ square. Afterward, I used the square as a straight edge and traced four lines inside the glossy paper with each parallel line equidistant from the edge. Then I used the x-acto knife to remove the center square of the glossy paper and used the remainder as a stencil for the cardstock.

Once the matte frame was finished, I laid it over the Utrecht paper. I then used the stylus and black craft paint to paint the recipe directions and cup design.

(Fun note: I was actually working on this during my breaks at the art school and at one point, turned to the drawing instructor I was working with and said “can you tell this is a cup and saucer?” He said he could.)

After the paint was dry, I turned the paper and matte frame over and used the scotch tape to secure the painting to the matte frame, before laying the whole piece inside the photo frame.

John seemed surprised and pleased with his present. “This is going on my wall.”

~ by blackmoodcraft on April 19, 2012.

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