Commission: Green Lantern E-Reader Cover

This was a commission from one of my students at the art academy. For the first few days I was working with his class, he watched me reading what looked like a paper bag in between breaks. On the third day, he walked over and realized it was an e-reader cover.

“Could you do the same thing with comic books?”

I didn’t see why not.

(Apologies for the blurry images. They were taken on a very small, quite subpar camera phone.)

The images on the front and back cover are from the Green Lantern “Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps” series. I cut out the images from both covers with an x-acto knife and used decoupage sealer/adhesive to secure them to the paper bag I’d measured, cut to fit and painted black. Once the sealer was dry and the panels were in place, I sewed up the open edges with bright green embroidery floss and painted on another two layers of sealer.

The panels for this one are slightly larger than the ones for my last one — Chris has a Kindle 3 — and I chose to get a wider, knit elastic for better security. I also used elastic to secure the button to the top panel.

(By some accident of fate, the button ended up covering the female corps man’s bare cleavage. Oops.)

While I loved the cover images for the comics, I wasn’t wild about the idea of including the bar codes — so I excised them with the x-acto knife and used the resulting windows to display some of the more fun images from inside the comic.

Chris seemed very jazzed with the end result.

~ by blackmoodcraft on April 21, 2012.

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