“GERTI” Airplane Charm Bracelet

I need to laugh, loudly and often — it’s a necessity for me. So I was very happy (and very amused) when a friend of mine introduced me to John Finnemore’s BBC radio series Cabin Pressure. It’s a sitcom set in a small charter airline (or, seeing as GERTI is their only plane, an airdot) and when I spotted this airplane charm at Michael’s, it immediately made me think of GERTI (named for her phonetic designation — Golf Echo RomeoTango India).

Bead Landing Brass Finish Textured Oval Chain
Bead Landing Travel Charms Set of 3
Bead Landing Brass Finish Lobster Claw Clasps and Crimp Beads
Bead Landing Brass Finish Jump Rings
Navy Blue Ribbon
Jewelry Pliers
Tapestry needle

I measured the amount of chain needed for the bracelet by looping it around one of my wrists, accounting for the half-inch distance the clasp and jump ring would likely provide. I then used the pliers to open up the links, separating the measured length of the chain from the rest.

I’ve seen a lot of mixed media jewelry in posts on other blogs and in articles lately and decided I wanted to give it a try. I thought, given the colors of most pilot’s uniforms (and the uniforms Martin and Douglas wear in Cabin Pressure’s promotional ads), I thought navy blue would be the best choice for the ribbon.

Threading the ribbon through the loops in the chain was easily done. Once I finished, I weaved in the two ends of ribbon and used the pliers to attach the clasp and airplane charm, using two jump rings a piece to make certain both were secure.

Simple project with a simple — but beautiful — result. What do you think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on April 30, 2012.

One Response to ““GERTI” Airplane Charm Bracelet”

  1. That is really freakin’ adorable. I love the ribbon with the chain. It makes both standing out in a lovely way. And we all need things on us at all times that make us laugh and remind us of silly fandom things. šŸ™‚

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