“The Doctor Is In” TARDIS Wall Art

My friend Bobbie just graduated with his BA in Film Production and is well on his way to his goal of a PhD in Media Studies and I thought, being a fellow Whovian, something Doctor-related would make a fantastic gift!

5″ x 8″ wood frame
Ooks saw-tooth hangers
One white felt square
One blue felt square
One black sparkle felt square
Blue embroidery floss
White embroidery floss
Black embroidery floss
Tapestry needles
Craft scissors
Measuring tape
Ultimate Glue
3/4″ craft brush
Aleen’s spray matte finish
Organic stain

I was in the process of staining another wood frame as part of a gift for someone else, so I decided to go ahead and stain the frame for this piece as well. To make the stain, I boiled two cups of french roast coffee, two bags of Earl Grey tea, one and a half ounces of vanilla extract, cinnamon and a couple cloves in approx. two quarts of water, using alum as a fixative. After one hour on high heat and half an hour on medium heat, I turned off the stove and strained the stain into another pot.

Once cool, I alternated coats of the stain with coats of red wine to give the wood a full, robust color. Once the wood was dry, I sprayed it down with the matte finish evenly on both sides. Once that was dry, I used the hammer to secure the saw-tooth hanger to the back of the frame.

I used the measuring tape to measure and cut out the black sparkle felt background.

I used paintbox to create a stencil for the TARDIS that would allow me to create the infamous blue box out of simple shapes.

Using the stencil, I was able to cut out the felt shapes and, after centering them, sew them onto the black background. For the mail square, I was able to sew it onto the background in shapes that resembled the TARDIS doors and windows.

Once the TARDIS was sewn on, I used white embroidery floss to create the words “The Doctor Is In.” Once the embroidery was finished, I used the Ultimate Glue to secure the felt to the wood frame.

Bobbie loved his present and I was really pleased with how it turned out. What do you think?


~ by blackmoodcraft on May 23, 2012.

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