Dollmania Rides Again: Castiel

It’s been a busy few weeks and I have many gifts, paperweight pics and comic-inspired iconography to post in the coming weeks. And I decided to start out of the gate with another doll.

This was a commission from my friend Bobbie, who wanted a doll of Castiel to spruce up the house.

With each new doll, I’m moving further away from the initial templates that originally inspired me so much (though I still haven’t quite figured out how to do my own design for arms and hands). The clothes are original designs, inspired by the iconic trench coat and tie Misha Collins wore for three seasons. I designed and cut out a new wig to reflect Castiel’s short, somewhat spiky hair.

The trench coat is cashmere tan felt and I cut the coat in a similar fashion to Mr. Darcy’s coat with a slit at the back. His tie is a cadet blue felt while the others are standard white, black and antique white. I used clear plastic buttons to attach his legs at the hip while keeping them mobile and flexible.

I originally asked Bobbie if he wanted a set of wings as well (or should I say, the shadow of a set of wings..) but he seemed to like this boy as is.

What do you think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on June 8, 2012.

One Response to “Dollmania Rides Again: Castiel”

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