“Something with Eyes” Bracelet

My friend Nora was someone I met when I was working at Barnes & Noble. Like a lot of us, Nora is working toward a larger career goal — in her case, working with blind children. She flipped over my evil eye bracelet and asked if I could make her one as well. “Something with eyes,” she said.

Bead Landing brass finish lobster clasps, jump rings and crimp beads
Industrial Chic set of 3 charms
Cobalt blue Evil Eye beads
7 mm jet beads
Jewelry pliers
Wire cutters

One thing I’ve learned in the year or so since I made the last beaded bracelet was that the plastic thread beads come on when you buy them by the strand is actually quite durable and useful for stringing bracelets themselves. I wanted to off set the Evil Eye beads with a spacer bead that was complimentary and when I bought the jet beads, it made sense to use the thread they came on for the project.

I started out by stringing on two crimp beads, pushing them down to the end of the strand and then looping a pair of jump rings through, pulling the loose end through the crimp beads and using the pliers to clamp them shut. After I had strung the beads and charm, I added a crimp bead and the lobster clasp, repeating the same procedure as before.

Susan Kazmer’s Industrial Chic charms and findings have given birth to a lot of fun projects for me and I particularly loved the little doll’s eye charm that came with this set I bought ages ago. I was particularly delighted by the fact that, like a baby doll’s eyes, it blinks shut when laid flat.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with how this turned out and Nora seemed quite taken with her bracelet.


~ by blackmoodcraft on July 22, 2012.

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