“Minions Attack!” Pendant

Before I left Barnes & Noble, my friend Alan commissioned me to make him an Iron Man necklace similar to the other decoupage pendants I had made for myself and other people. When I was working on his, I ended up getting ideas for several more members of the B&N crew and ended up going a bit wild with the wood stain and stickers.

The one I really had fun with was Little Dana’s “Minions Attack!” pendant. Inspired by the film Despicable Me, Dana tended to say this during shifts, prompting the rest of the staff to write and/or draw the command on the sides of syrup dispensers, coffee bins and, once, the soup pot in dry erase markers. Occasionally accompanied by the actual minions (Nora was best at drawing these).

The process for making this one was similar to the others. The square is one of the Woodsies pre-cut craft wood squares you can get in a bag of 100 for about $2. The stain is the same organic stain I used on my previous wood projects. I made the words by cutting out the appropriate letters from a sticker sheet of various words and phrases. I used a tapestry needle to drill the hole and pliers to insert the jump ring after the coats of decoupage sealer were dry. When the last coat was drying, I added a pinch of glitter, just to give it a little extra “oomph.” Once the pendant was complete, I cut a long length of leather cord and strung it through the jump ring, tying the ends off in a knot rather than using a clasp.

As ever, I’m incredibly pleased and Dana seemed to like it!


~ by blackmoodcraft on July 31, 2012.

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