Marvel vs DC: The Stained and Sticky Edition (Did we mention the pony?)

This summer I went a bit wild with the wood stain and stickers.

It started with a commission from Alan, my friend and former co-worker at B&N who asked for an Iron Man necklace around the time Avengers was rampaging on screens all over the world. When I was in the process of making his, the rest of the cafe crew was talking about the film and the two other superhero movies of the summer: The Amazing Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises. Having grown up in a DC household and been a Marvel girl in college, it’s always interesting to me to find out 1) who among the people I know are fans of comics and superhero pop culture and 2) which superheros are their favorites and why. So this collection grew out of my fondness of those conversations and my fondness for those people, which I will always carry with me, no matter where I go.

Alan’s necklace is notable for two reasons: one, he asked for a small pendant with just the Iron Man helmet and he also asked for a clasp, so that the necklace itself could be seen above his collar. The clasps were from Susan Kazmer’s Industrial Chic line of beads, pendants and findings and I thought it worked really well with the Iron Man sensibility — of creating art from industrial materials.

Jessica was the one who noticed my Captain America/Iron Man pendant I made during the Yule/Saturnalia craft spree. She also loved the earrings Tracy gave me during my visit to San Marcos. So when I got the idea to start making necklaces for everyone else, there was no question about which superheroes I would be putting on her gift.

The background is color is also the organic wood stain I’ve grown so fond of which, ironically considering the people I made these for, is made of mostly coffee.

Carolina, the cafe supervisor, was someone I feel like I took a long time to get to know — because of my schedule with the art college, I worked mostly nights and weekend shifts and didn’t interact with her a lot with in those first weeks that I was working at the store. I was surprised and delighted when she talked about Spiderman being her favorite and about being a huge Spidey fan. And when I started bringing everyone’s gifts to the cafe, she seemed equally surprised and delighted by her necklace.

For Matt, there was no question that his gift would be Batman-related. Like Alan’s, I opted to go with a black background for his rather than the wood stain, just because I felt the wood stain I have, even with multiple coats, would never quite do the Dark Knight justice. The old school logo (and glitter) gives this a bit of a kitschy comic book tone.

For Vanessa there was also no doubt in my mind that her gift would be Wonder Woman. Vanessa IS Wonder Woman. She’s a loving mother, a devoted daughter, a working woman and a tough girl with a fantastic, slightly absurd sense of humor.

The odd one out in this group is probably Stefanie’s. Stef is a barista studying to be a biochemist and she’s also a huge fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I still have yet to watch a single episode but I loved that about her in the same way I love my friends who are fans of Spongebob and Dora. There’s a certain age threshold when children’s programming that might also have a trace of humor and subject matter aimed at adults is seen as passe or “childish” that seems to be shrinking as the generations move forward. I remember being a kid and once you were 12 or 13, you were expected to put those things aside. As an adult, I don’t see that very much and it’s wonderful.

These MLP stickers were a Walgreen’s find, of all things. 100 stickers for $1.99 and, while being more the classic design than Friendship Is Magic, I thought Stef might like hers anyway. And she did!

~ by blackmoodcraft on August 17, 2012.

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