Ticket Stub Ring

Because National Theatre Live’s “Frankenstein” was my summer movie. Because I’m never going to get to buy it on DVD. And because if I have to pay $15 for a ticket, I am damn well keeping it.

Movie ticket stub
Bead Landing ring with bezel
Royal Court decoupage sealer/adhesive
Aleene’s spray gloss finish
1/2″ craft brush

This was one of the more simple jewelry projects I’ve attempted in a long while. Using my ink pen, I traced an outline of the ring’s bezel onto a piece of paper and cut the shape out with scissors, creating the stencil I needed for my ticket stub.

Once I found the perfect bit of the stub I wanted to frame, I placed the stencil over the stub and cut it out (Note: this was after I had made a back-up PDF of the ticket on my scanner, just in case anything went wrong or if I wanted to repeat the project). Once the ticket was cut into the proper shape, I used the brush and the decoupage glue to secure the ticket to the bezel of the ring. Once the sealer was dry, I sprayed the top of the ring with two coats of the spray gloss finish, sealing the ticket inside and creating an enamel-like effect.

This was a wonderful project and it did my heart a lot of good.

~ by blackmoodcraft on September 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “Ticket Stub Ring”

  1. Oooo, I LIKE that! I’ve thought of turning my movie/theater/concert tickets into wall art before (for now I just compile them all on a scrapbook page at the end of the year), but not wearable art! I might have to try this one myself–maybe with my Aerosmith ticket if I can find a funky ring. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it 🙂 I used to save the ticket stubs for all of the midnight movies I used to go to back in St. Louis — Easy Rider, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Holy Grail, Clerks, American Psycho. I never did figure out what I was going to do with them so they got pitched along the way (so sad about that now).

      If you do the one with the Aerosmith ticket, I definitely want to see pictures!

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