“No wire hangers, ever!” Wire Jewelry Display

In one of my favorite episodes of “Mythbusters” (Alaska Special 1) Adam Savage is confined to a small hotel room for a few days. One of the things he does to wile away the hours is break out his multi-tool and turn one of the empty wire hangers in the hotel’s closet into a memorable toy (approximated wonderfully here by cloudxnine99).

–Video courtesy of cloudxnine99

I’ve struggled with and even held off on taking photos of some of my projects, particularly necklaces and bracelets because finding a creative way to present them and get a good picture with enough light is difficult without laying them against a flat surface or putting them on and aiming the camera at my chest or wrist. I’ve avoided posting a lot of projects to my (heretofore unused) Etsy page for the same reason.

Fortunately, with a little inspiration from Adam and other crafters on YouTube, I was able to put together a pretty promising display.

–Video courtesy of Craft Capable, go subscribe to her YouTube channel!

Wood and metal base (TV mount)
Red wire hanger
Black wire hanger

Back when I moved into my place and was beginning to furnish it, I was lucky enough to have 1) Goodwill and other secondhand charity shops within walking distance, 2) friends who were kind enough to donate some necessary odds and ends and 3) neighbors who were willing to unload pretty stable, solid furniture whenever they bought new.

In the case of my television table, one of my neighbors across the street discarded it when the bottom drawer broke and they purchased a flat screen with a wall mount. I was willing to overlook the broken drawer (I turned the lower portion into a shelf) and since I had a tube television, the small mount that came with it was virtually useless to me, but I kept it in my closet for some unknown future use.

It’s a good thing I did because it ended up being a fantastic base for the display.

Initially I thought I was going to need an extra bit of PVC piping (borrowed from one of my small bookcases) to augment the display, but the former TV mount and the length of the wire ended up being pretty sufficient on their own. I used the pliers to unloop hook portion of both hangers, stretch them out and refold them into shapes that would fit inside the base while leaving two extendable “limbs” stretched outside. I then used the pliers to twist each limb into smaller loops suitable for holding up necklaces and bracelets.

Without adornment, it looks a bit like an art deco sculpture of the sarlacc pit creature from Return of the Jedi (yeah, I’m a nerd, so what?). For it’s functionality, I’m very pleased with the results.

What do you think?

POSTSCRIPT: The projects displayed in the first photo are as follows:
Wood and Leather Coffin Locket
Severus Snape doll
Evil Eye and Harlequin bracelet
Tyr the Amputee’s Pocket Watch

~ by blackmoodcraft on October 1, 2012.

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