Dollmania, With Debonair, Demonic Flair: Crowley from Supernatural

My friend Bobbie seems bound and determined to commission a complete set of dolls of all of the break-out characters from Supernatural. First there was fallen angel Castiel, next up there will be monster hunter Bobby Singer. In between, there was crossroads demon and King of Hell Crowley (played with fantastic verve by Mark Sheppard).

–Photo courtesy of Rick Johnston at

–Photo courtesy of Medium At Large

Crowley’s design was one of the easier compositions. I had a stencil designed for the suit and the tie — which I cut out in black and charcoal felt, respectively, securing the tie to the shirt portion with silver embroidery floss. For Mark Sheppard’s hair, I opted to go with my regular stencil in brown felt, rather than try to customize it to fit his widow’s peak.

To give the suit a bit more of a stylish flair (and to dress up the black felt a bit), I used shiny cobalt blue buttons for securing the legs to the doll.

Bobbie seemed happy with his new boy, who is now on display above his fireplace along with Castiel and several other fun fandom staples (think SPN mixed with Batman, Sam Raimi, Joss Whedon and Kevin Smith collectibles…there will be a photo eventually).

And, just because I can, I’m ending the post on this photo from C2E2 2011:

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