“Lager: the only thing that can kill a vindaloo!” Red Dwarf necklace

In honor of the second week of Red Dwarf X kicking off tonight, I thought I’d post this blast from the past.

Back when I started decoupaging necklaces with wood squares and rectangles, I experimented with a lot of different sticker and color combinations. This Red Dwarf piece — an ode to David Lister’s third love (after Indian food and his guitar) — was one of the first I made. The side with the lager is the famed “ocean grey” of the original ship’s interior while the other side is the same rust-bucket red as the Dwarf. The pinch of glitter, as with my HAL-9000 pendant, was meant to emulate stars.

Shortening Lister’s infamous line to “kill all vindaloos” was somewhat inspired by the film Destroy All Monsters but was also born out of necessity: I didn’t have enough cut out letters to do the whole thing!

A much loved first effort. I later gave this necklace to a friend of mine — another true Dwarfer who seemed truly jazzed. I hope he still is.

~ by blackmoodcraft on October 11, 2012.

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