(Advent Calendar, Day 18) Cosmic Spiral Adjustable Ring


I was in Texas over this past weekend for Tracy Henry’s MFA graduation. After the ceremony and dinner with the family, we went and saw “The Hobbit.”

The circular doorways, windows and fireplaces of Bilbo’s home, the infamous One Ring and other circular imagery in the film planted a seed in my head and lead me to this simple, elegant project.

Bead landing 20 gauge aluminum ring blanks
Spiral steel metal stamper
Flat-tipped pliers
Micron 08 archival ink pen
Jewelry anvil

Spirals symbolize new beginnings and journeys as much as the “fehu” rune Gandalf marks on the front of Bilbo’s door. They also symbolize the unity and mobility of the cosmos.

I laid the blank out on the anvil  and lined up the spiral stamp approximately in the center of the blank. One I had the stamp was lined up, I hammered the end of the stamp, engraving the blank with the image of the spiral.

I have Lisa Niven Kelly and Beaducation to thank for teaching me this “poor man’s” method of embossing the engraving. I took the Micron ink pen and outlined the spiral several times, wiping away any excess ink with my thumb.


I don’t have forming or wrap-and-tap pliers and it took me a little while to find the best way to shape the curve of the ring without breaking it in the middle or marring the metal.


I truly loved this project’s result. What do you think?

(More photos to follow)


~ by blackmoodcraft on December 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “(Advent Calendar, Day 18) Cosmic Spiral Adjustable Ring”

  1. This is amazing-gorgeous, hon! I love it! Curiosity, how much would you charge for a Hobbit ring like this?

  2. […] a missing camera cord, I ended up at work on Tuesday with nothing but my cellphone to document my Cosmic Spiral adjustable ring. I did promise additional photos once I got home and here they […]

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