(Advent Calendar, Day 19) William Blake Silver and Brass “Tyger” Pendant

When I knew I was going to be in Texas before Xmas/Yule/Saturnalia, I decided to get my presents for my friends together before I went. One of them was this pendant for my friend, Kass, who goes by the name “tyger” in several of her online handles.

Silver striped cat pendant
Vintaj nickel and lead-free brass pendant 1″ x 1″
Black 2mm leather cord
Bead Landing end caps and lobster claw clasp
1/16″ Letter Stamp set
aluminum 9mm jump ring
Rubber hammer
Jewelry anvil
Jewelry pliers

A lot of the processes of making this necklace were old hat for me — cutting the cord to a certain length, putting on the end caps and clasp with the jewelry pliers, etc. The silver striped cat was a charm one of several that I had from a bracelet gifted to me almost ten years ago. Letter stamping was new for me and I did my best to keep a steady hand so the letters lined up just right.

Kass seemed to really love her gift. What do you think?


~ by blackmoodcraft on December 19, 2012.

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