(Advent Calendar, Day 20) “Loki’d” Silver and Brass Pendant

I put this together for my dear friend, Tracy Henry (author of Geek Girl Gourmet and She Is Stranger Than Fiction) just in time for Yule and her graduation.

Vintaj nickel and lead free brass pendant 1/2″ x 1″
Sterling silver 10mm circle pendant
2mm black leather cord
Bead Landing end caps and lobster claw clasp
Bead Landing 1/4″ star metal stamper
1/16″ Letter Stamp set
Rubber Hammer
Jewelry anvil
Jewelry pliers

Tracy wasn’t the first person I ever talked with about Loki, Coyote and trickster mythology, but my conversations about them with her have been the most memorable and had the most impact on how I view trickster imagery chaotic energy in my life and in the world around us. Originally, I was going to make her a t-shirt that said “I am Loki’s Mewling Quim.” But once I bought the brass blanks, I thought I would make her something that still evoked Loki while being something she could wear with everything.

The letter stamp kit made this a very easy project to do (provided I could keep my hand steady). The one thing I had to improvise was the apostrophe in “Loki’d” which, if you look closely, is just the “I” stamp turned diagonally.

Post-script: Loki being Loki, this necklace broke the day of Tracy’s graduation, prompting me to re-make it. Oh those tricksters, I’m telling you…


~ by blackmoodcraft on December 20, 2012.

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