Happy Yuletide: Trekkie Monster Plushie

Another yuletide has come and gone and that means I can start posting about some of the presents I made and gave out this year.

One of the local theater groups in St. Louis is putting on a production of “Avenue Q” in a few months. When I found out my cousin was trying out for the part of Trekkie Monster, I thought something related would make a good Yule gift. This originally started out as a hand-puppet, but as the design got cut smaller and smaller, I decided to make it a plushie instead.

One square shocking pink felt
One square goldenrod felt
One square orange felt
One square white felt
Pink feather barrette
Brown embroidery floss
Orange embroidery floss
White embroidery floss
Black embroidery floss
Sewing needle

–Photo courtesy of The Gazette

When I made the decision to go with a plushie design instead of a puppet, my focus turned to getting the facial detail as close to the theatrical production’s design as I could, using the felt and embroidery floss to mimic the stage puppet’s features.

Once I finished with the facial features (including the horns, which I bound to the front layer of the puppet with a small whip stitch), I focused on attaching the pink feathers to the head. I used the brown embroidery floss to stitch both sides of the plushie together, leaving the bottom open to insert the polyfill. Afterward, I pried the feather piece (glued to a small base cloth) from the barrette and, using the tapestry needle, sewed the base cloth to either side of the plushie’s head.

Once the facial features and hair were finished, I filled up the plushie with a small amount of polyfill (making sure not to over-stuff it, then sewed up the bottom with the brown embroidery floss.

Matt seemed really pleased with his present! What do you think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on December 29, 2012.

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