Happy Yuletide: Samus Aran Plushie

My friend Amy contacted me earlier this month and asked if I could make a plushie of Samus Aran (from Nintendo’s Metroid game) for the two-year-old niece of her boyfriend (who was named for the character). When I asked whether she wanted Samus in the suit or in her more femme blue one piece, I was excite to hear the former.

Red felt square
Neon green felt square
Gold felt square
Red embroidery floss
Yellow embroidery floss
Green embroidery floss
Graph paper
Sewing needle

–Photo courtesy of Fantendo Wiki

Looking at the images of the suit, I realized very quickly that my go-to doll design stencil wouldn’t work for this character. Keeping in mind that she also asked for a plushie for a toddler, I decided that a one-piece doll design would be the best thing. So using the images online as a template, I sketched a quick, four-piece stencil out on graph paper, with details indicating where seams would be as well embroidery details mimicking chest panels, the outlines of the cannon, etc.

Once I cut out the sections of felt, I used embroidery floss to create the details and began sewing each piece together until they created two separate “front and back” pieces, leaving tails of each color of embroidery floss out (yellow, red) and, using the loose tails, began sewing up the outside seam. Once the outside seam was about 2/3 finished, I filled the doll with polyfill and finished the outside seam.

Amy was very pleased with the doll and I hope little Samus was as well. Meanwhile, this is the first completely “original” stencil I’ve done (as in there was no stencil to modify so I drew one myself). How did I do?

~ by blackmoodcraft on December 29, 2012.

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  1. […] I’ve used for his other commissions, I ended up modifying the stencil I designed for the Samus Aran plushie, which gave Bryan (appropriately) some broad superhero-style shoulders and blocky-mitten like […]

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