Auf Wiedersehen, 2012

Thank you for the new readers, the new friends, the new work and even the new headaches. I hope we can keep as many in 2013 as we can avoid.

– good friends, new and old
– good music
– good movies
– yarn to knit, felt to sew, wood to stain and brass to stamp
– money and time to travel

– tit trouble
– teeth trouble
– brain freezes
– bad people
– anxiety that makes me want to hide in my apartment
– depression that makes me want to hide in the bathroom
– self-loathing that makes me not want to write (or do anything)

I feel like I’m going into the new year with a clear head this time; knowing that, however unwanted or unexpected, everything is part of the larger journey. (Which, yes, goes along with my favorite movie this year, don’t judge me)

And because I still like to end the year on a song:

~ by blackmoodcraft on December 31, 2012.

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