Tedious Things in the Lives of Crafters #3: Fixing on the fly…

So January is off to a slow start.

The art college where I work gave me no shifts for the month and, with the sudden influx of free time, I’ve been concentrating on writing, some craft commissions and a lot of cycling.

Last night, I was biking home from downtown and had to dismount and walk the bike as I got to the light at Illinois Street (sticky hand brakes, probably the cold, inactivity and the fact that I’d just inflated my tires that morning). I ride a road bike with no rear carrier, so when I have to travel, I throw everything in my backpack and take off. Sometimes, like last night, not everything fits in the backpack.

I’ve been working on a knit hat for a friend of mine and before I left the house, I threw the project, both skeins of yarn and my US 10 aluminum knitting needles in my Body Shop, Union Jack tote bag. When I was riding the bike, I looped the handles around my wrist and angled my hand to keep the bulk of the bag away from my front wheel.

Sadly, I wasn’t paying close enough attention when I was walking the bike and before I knew it, I felt the bike (and my stomach) jolt as the corner of my bag slammed in the spokes of my front wheel.

I held my breath and crossed the street, stopping on a more lit portion of the trail and emptied my bag. Sure enough, the slam I’d felt had been my knitting needles — specifically, the back-end where the needles had bent and the end caps had been pried off on impact. A dozen of my stitches had come off the needle and I had no stitch holders in my bag.

I ended up spending fifteen minutes under a street lamp on the trail, straightening out my needles, transferring my loose stitches to one needle before looping them (front to back!) on to the other, replacing the end caps and doing the best job I could do to secure them without a pair of pliers. All while trying to stay out of the way of other cyclists and trail walkers.

All is well now, but it’s amazing how harrowing things can look on the bike path after dark.


~ by blackmoodcraft on January 8, 2013.

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