Corgi Plushie

My good friend, Lindsay, found a better job on the east coast and has left Chitown 😦 She is a fan of corgis and has been saying for years that as soon as she has an apartment that allows dogs, she’s going to get a corgi and name him Crumpet. So I decided to make her a “Baby Crumpet” to keep her company on the trip. 

Hand puppet stencil
One square “goldenrod” felt
One square “white” felt
Black embroidery floss
Antique white embroidery floss
Pale pink embroidery floss
Brown embroidery floss
Tapestry needle

I used the same hand puppet stencil that I used to create the Trekkie Monster plushie, using the pencil to create the shape of the back and front stencils.

Once the stencils were finished, I cut out the front part of the corgi in white felt and the back part in golden rod felt. Since most corgis have ginger fur that runs over their legs, ears and parts of their face, I cut out several strips of the goldenrod felt to highlight the corgi belly, ears and nose. 

Once the pieces were cut to fit, I used the pale pink embroider to attack the ears, antique white floss to attach the felt at the sides, and the brown and black floss to create the paws, eyes, nose and mouth. 

After both the front and back sides were finished, I used antique white floss to whip-stitch the outside of the plushie and filled it with polyfill,

I’m very pleased with how Baby Crumpet turned out and Lindsay seemed very happy with her present. Zoe, my cat and familiar, was more sleepy than impressed (as usual)

~ by blackmoodcraft on February 14, 2013.

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