“Starstruck” Space and Time Traveling Tea Mug

The quest for the perfect tea-cup continues. Good projects are never completely finished, especially when there are so many wonderful components that like to turn up on the store shelves unexpectedly.

11 oz. Create-Your-Own-Design travel mug
Royal Court decoupage sealer/adhesive
Craft Smart black acrylic craft paint
Craft Smart yellow acrylic craft paint
FolkArt engine red acrylic craft paint
Metallic Champaign acrylic craft paint
Sharpie fine point silver paint pen
DecoArts red paint pen
8″ x 11″ typing paper
1″ craft brush
1/2″ craft brush
Transparent packaging tape

Dollar Tree has become one of my favorite places for cheap fixings, pantry staples and craft products these days. I was quite stoked when I found these travel mugs with removable design-your-own sleeve templates. At 11 ounces, they’re the perfect capacity for my tea and, like the bulk of Dollar Tree’s stock, are only $1.

The two pieces of the mug separate with a simple twist and the template for designing sleeves was just inside.

Using the template, I traced out a blank template from the piece of typing paper. I painted the new template with two coats of black craft paint and decorated the top coat with a “star field” of silver glitter and dots from the silver Sharpie and red paint pens. Once the paint was dry, I covered it with a coat of the decoupage sealer.

I’m a science fiction fan and once I had the idea in my head to do a star field for the first sleeve, I wanted to tailor it to a few of my favorite science fiction series. I picked Arthur C. Clarke’s Odyssey series, Red Dwarf and Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. The captions I picked are ubiquitous to each series (Dave Bowman’s last words in his human form, the opening lyrics to the Red Dwarf theme song by Grant Naylor and Howard Goodall, and the infamous words printed on the cover of Ford Prefect’s edition of the guide). Only the Broadway font for “My God! It’s full of stars.” was unique to that series (it’s the font used to designate each part of the first two books). The other two — Castellar and Britannic Bold — were my own picks.

Once the captions were typed and printed, I covered both sides with packaging tape and cut them out in small sections. I then arranged them on the star field and fixed them to the paper with the decoupage sealer.

Once the captions were finished and arranged on the sleeve, I had the idea to do a bit more design work and I came up with the idea of adding three objects in space to accompany them — each one associated with their respective series (HAL 9000’s eye, the Red Dwarf mining ship, and the babelfish).

I love drinking tea from this awesome cup! What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on March 12, 2013.

2 Responses to ““Starstruck” Space and Time Traveling Tea Mug”

  1. I MUST buy one of these do-it-yourself cups. Of course, I will probably never find one. Yours, of course, is awesome. And now I have big plans for my hypothetical one that I will never find.

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