Hotei Buddha Necklace

It’s lovely when a jewelry project is as simple as combining two or three complimentary components. Blue Moon Beads is wonderful for providing their consumers (particularly those of us with spiritual plurality) with solid, beautiful beads, fixings and icons that look wonderful together and last for a long time. Their recent “amulets” series has certainly lived up to that reputation and, in the spinning Hotei Buddha’s case, pieces that make the wearer laugh as well as smile.

Because of his prevalence in Eastern Buddhist iconography, the Hotei Buddha is frequently mistaken in western culture for the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. In reality, the Hotei Buddha was a laughing monk who traveled from place to place in sixteenth century Japan. Because of his compassionate nature, his sense of joy and laughter in life’s simplicity, he is considered an enlightened figure (hence, buddha) in Buddhist culture and teachings.

Writer and meditation teacher Pragito Dove describes the Hotei Buddha this way:

Hotei had no philosophy, scriptures, dogmas, theories, ideologies, or concepts to preach. His teaching was existential. He wanted everyone to experience the joy that laughter brings. This kind of meditation is not something that can be talked about. It must be experienced.

I used the last bit of my Forged box chain to string this pendant (which, despite the packaging that lists it as “metal and plastic” seems to have been encircled in in a piece of candy jade — it passed the weight, temperature and scratch test) and wore it during the St. Patrick’s Day festivities with my friends. It was a big hit.

P.S. First craft shot on video and uploaded! Thoughts?

~ by blackmoodcraft on March 17, 2013.

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