Erica’s Heart, Hematite, Rose Quartz and Amazonite Bracelet

My sister turned 27 this past Friday and performed in her first cabaret show on Saturday. I wanted to make her something special to commemorate both events.

Industrial Chic
pouch and tag set
Blue Moon Beads Amulet series set of two pendants
48 hematite chip beads
4 amazonite chip beads
2 rose quarts chip beads
Silver spiral clasp
Jewelry pliers
7mm aluminum jump ring
10″ plastic cord

Rose quartz is associated with the heart and healing and I thought it would go well with the heart charm I picked to be the focus of the piece.

Hemtatite is a stone associated with protection (esp. in battle) and is often worn to improve relationships.

Amazonite has been called the stone for artists and is said to promote kindness and pragmatism.

Once I picked out the beads, I designed an arrangement where sets of 12 hematite beads would offset two groupings of three quarts beads (amazonite, rose, amazonite) and the heart charm.

Once the design was set, I knotted the cord and half of the spiral clasp at one end, strung the beads and knotted the other end of the cord, pulling the excess cord back through the beads. I put the finished bracelet in the canvas pouch and wound the tag through the bag’s loop.

My sister was thrilled with her present (and crushed in her performance)! What do you guys think?

~ by blackmoodcraft on March 24, 2013.

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