There I longed to lay my head…

I drove into St. Louis for the Easter weekend and ended up with a bit of free time once I arrived. I popped into the St. Vincent de Paul’s thrift store on Kingshighway and found this beauty in the furniture aisle.

Being an anglophile, the red fox hunting coats caught my eye first, followed by the beagles and then the genuine beauty of the color arrangement and the transfer of what is clearly brushwork (oils, I’m guessing) to the cloth. The reverse side is a surprisingly sedate green and purple tartan pattern. I thought it would look good in my apartment which I’ve built up a collection of found items and unique furniture for over the past year — some day I’ll post a detailed photo entry of everything in it. Until then, I’ll wile the time away re-arranging furniture in my head.

This will definitely look good on my orange armchair.

~ by blackmoodcraft on March 30, 2013.

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