“I Believe in Sherlock Holmes” Travel Tea Mug

I just can’t stay away from Sherlock Holmes or his wallpaper. I take solace in the fact that at least I’m not the only one. Also, what’s more appropriate for a tea-related craft than a bit of Holmesian fun?

11 oz. travel mug
Travel mug sleeve template
Typing paper
White and grey damask tissue paper
Craft Smart yellow acrylic paint
Craft Smart black acrylic paint
Folk Arts warm white acrylic paint
Folk Arts engine red acrylic paint
1″ craft brush
Scotch tape

I used the pen and template to trace out a copy of the sleeve stencil on the typing paper. Once the sleeve was cut out, I used the crush and paint to create five black and white alternating stripes (I can’t seem to stay away from John Watson’s jumper either. Or Benedict Cumberbatch’s tea mug.).

Once the paint on the sleeve was dry, I cut a piece of the tissue paper to fit the sleeve, leaving an extra half an inch off the sides. I then folded those edges down and taped them to the back of the sleeve, making sure that the tissue was smooth against the paper.

Once the two layers of the paper were taped together, I used the stylus to create the happy face and the “I Believe in Sherlock Holmes” slogan. For a bit of morbid fun. I also used the stylus and my engine red paint to create some blood spatter on the wall of the sleeve as well.

Well, this has been very interesting! Any thoughts? Any commissions? Because I would LOVE to make another one of these…

~ by blackmoodcraft on April 2, 2013.

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