Tedious Things in the Lives of Crafters #8: Salvaging damaged crafts

…and trying to decide what’s salvageable and what’s not.

I’m running into a lot of this with metal stamping: stamping letters aren’t bad, apart from the occasional issue with spacing. The real trouble comes when you try to stamp an image onto brass or aluminum blanks. Sometimes the amount of force from the hammer is uneven. Sometimes, it’s hard to hold a design stamp (usually round) vs. their typographical counterparts (usually square) in place. Sometimes there’s a rebound from the hammer’s fall and it causes not one impression, but *two*, usually overlapping.

And sometimes you run out of the blanks you wanted to use. And sometimes those overlapping images are… almost manageable. Almost livable. And then you have to decide whether they truly are or not and, inevitably, start again.


~ by blackmoodcraft on April 10, 2013.

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