Evil Corporation licenses popular hat from cancelled TV show, begins trolling Etsy with torches and pitchforks…

Okay, maybe that’s a little hyperbolic. It doesn’t change the fact that Fox and NewsCorps, a multi-billion-dollar corporation, dropped a bomb on a handful of hobby crafters in the last few months:

“Firefly” Hat Triggers Corporate Crackdown

Fox Also Cancels Firefly Hats

This is what I wrote about it on my Tumblr page yesterday:

Look out geek girl (and guy) knitters. If you post your Jayne Cobb hat on Etsy, the Evil Fox Executive just might send you a cease and desist order. Or have your account deleted.

Not for nothing, everyone’s got the right to defend their product, but seriously, defending the artistic integrity of a property you shit-canned more than a decade ago? Because a bunch of crafty fans got together and started sharing the love for the pennies it takes to buy the yarn and the hours it takes to cobble the whole thing together? What-the fuck-ever.

P.S. Here’s mine. I made it for a dear friend of mine. If you want the money she paid me to make it, feel free to drive to Chicago and knock on my front door. I live near the lake.

I’ll add that I feel there should be a consideration for the crafters who designed their own templates to create these hats in the first place — a process that takes time, energy and tremendous focus to observe and perfect. Fox gave us the visual (and, re: above, it is their intellectual property, no matter how shoddily and without intellect they may have treated it), but it took a lot of smart people like Knitting Ninja and Ma Cobbe to recreate it in the real world.

I will make Jayne hats in the future, for whoever wants them. And, from now on, I’ll do it for free.

P.S. For anyone not familiar with the Evil Fox Executive, check out Joel Watson’s brilliant webcomic, Hijinks Ensue.

~ by blackmoodcraft on April 11, 2013.

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