Saving the Comfy Chair: adventures in amateur furniture repair…

A comfy chair is vital to any living space and, when I made the move to Lakeview almost two years ago, I went looking for what I could find that wouldn’t cut into my survival budget. I found my orange arm chair at a Salvation Army in the south suburbs. Boxy and low to the ground, it was plush and comfy but wore out quickly and once I got Zoe, my five-year-old Russian Blue, she took care of the bits of the chair that were still in one piece.

So it was either shop for a new chair or do something with the solid chair frame I already had. Fortunately, DIY Network came to my rescue on this one.

For this furniture salvage, I ended up only needing to purchase three things: a 4’x 15′ 8 oz. canvas drop cloth, Elmer’s multipurpose spray adhesive (recommended by Joanne Palmisano in the article) and a 25 pack of brass furniture tacks. I already had the button thread, pinking scissors and tapestry needles.

I cut out large pieces to fit each side, spraying on the sides and back where I wanted it to be smooth, using the tacks to secure most of the edges. The chair (minus the cushion) was finished in three hours, despite interference from Zoe, who didn’t see why my working should disturb her favorite spot to nap.


~ by blackmoodcraft on April 12, 2013.

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