Thor and Tara Mantra Necklace

Spirituality’s a funny thing. I don’t talk about it with most people and the presence of altars in my home is not something that’s up for entertainment value or debate. I was raised Catholic and have the Mary and Joseph statues my father was gifted for his first communion on display. I also have altars to Coyote and Tara, a hinged icon of Thor and Loki, and my meditative practice and trickster connections are well-represented.

For my next metal stamped piece, I wanted to do a grouping that reflected at least some of those elements.

1/16″ letter stamp kit
Bead Landing 18-piece metal stamping blank charms
7mm anodized aluminum jump ring
Tandy Leather Factory 6-yard black leathercraft lace
Lightning bolt metal stamp
Coyote tooth
Jewelry pliers
Jewelry anvil
Rubber hammer

The mantra is Green Tara’s mantra. Green Tara, called the “Mother of All Buddhas” by the Tibetan people, is the bodhisattva of compassionate action. Her mantra is an appeal and a devotional to her as someone who offers compassion in times of suffering. Mantras are chanted, said silently, written down, turned inside prayer wheels in an effort to create spiritual transformation.

Thor governs lightning and thunder and the sudden, life-changing events that can arrive at a moment’s notice. He is also a patron deity of travelers and the norse rune “raidho” (the “R” character) which signifies journeys is sacred to him. His lightning as the link between Sky and Earth symbolises the might generated by the meeting of opposites, the abundance (and scorched earth) that can result when the heavens touches earthly ground and the backlash that can erupt when life (and gods) decide to bring their hammer down.

Once I had the letters and the lightning bolt stamped, I used my jewelry pliers to group them together on the jump ring and stringed it on a length of the leathercraft lace (approx. 24″, it rests above my heart).

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with it — but one problem I’ve run into with the aluminum blanks that I didn’t have with the silver and brass groupings is scratches. Not sure what to do there, but I’m thinking maybe some clear nail polish might be a cheap and easy fix. Thoughts? Tips?

~ by blackmoodcraft on April 12, 2013.

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